New Toy : CZ 527 bolt action carbine.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Salted Weapon, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Salted Weapon

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    Got a like new only a few months old 5454191_01_cz_carbine_640. , shot only 10 times from a local person here.
    A CZ 527 bolt action carbine, in 7.62X39, walnut/blue, got spare 5 round magazine and holder, NECG peep sight . The word is gorgeous and is pretty long even though it doesn't look that was I am near 6'5" and the reach is perfect. I paid well under what these cost new without the extras, couldnt pass it up.
    I included a video by Hickok45 hes a big guy and the fact he could easily shoot it really sold me on this. My rifle has the added peep sights however.

  2. ghrit

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    Good score. Let us know how she behaves.
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  3. duane

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    Love the looks of your new gun and Mr. Mauser has never been out done in a bolt action. My WW I Springfield still works very well and I hope someone will still be shooting it in another 100 years. A spare firing pin, cleaning and proper storage and they just keep on ticking.
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  4. Salted Weapon

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    Its my first short Mauser, I love the feel of it and the trigger is pretty amazing for $500.00 I couldn't have invested and got anything close to this. I checked out range reports on this and the CZ in 7.62x39 and am looking forward to what I am hearing is a big surprise on accuracy, as most reports on accuracy seems to all be based on the SKS and Ak-47 platforms using this caliber. Why its not a 308 round there are allot of people that say however at 200-250 its a very accurate firearms. Been looking for one of these for awhile but not at the prices I seen them selling in the 700 and up some places way up for stock. This has the peep site and extras Mag couldn't pass it up. I have a funny feeling my Sks's are going to become safe queens in the near future maybe not the Ak's LOL. Looking at videos online many are happy with the CZ 527's coyote and deer abilities.
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  5. kellory

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    Enjot it, it looks like fun. Looks pretty light to carry. What is the true weight?
  6. Salted Weapon

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    About 5 1/2 unloaded presume 6 loaded. Its longer then it looks on the stock but is still about the size on an ak-47 front to back is 36" the barrel is 18" the balance is pretty amazing like holding a feather because of the balance.
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  7. GOG

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    @Salted Weapon shoot the heck out of it and give us a range report with lots of pictures with circles and arrows and stuff. :cool:
  8. Salted Weapon

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    You mean poke holes in the target with a pencil then go 300yards and get 1-2 inches LOL.
    I am hoping to go up in a day or two bought it now have to have to have time to play. :)
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  9. Oltymer

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    Nice piece and good cartridge! I imagine the x39 will shine in a bolt.
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  10. duane

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    30-30 is one of the New England favorites for deer etc, brush gun and most tests seem to indicate that a 7.62 by 39 does about the same damage at about the same range. Not a 1,000 yard cartridge, but real good at a hundred or so. I shoot a SKS quite a bit with 7.62-39. Fun to shoot and ammo used to be very cheap, love it as a plinking cartridge, seems to be a good choice in your bolt action rifle.
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  11. GOG

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    @Salted Weapon the powder burns always give it away.

    I've seen some brass cased 7.62 x .39 that looked like good hunting rounds, but I can't remember where or which manufacturer. I'm sure it's around somewhere.
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  12. Salted Weapon

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    Update : Added a BSA sweet 17 scope 312x40, It was on my 17HMR and was slight over kill for it so put a Tasco 39x40 I had on the 17 and put the BSA on the CZ 527, not pics yet of the add on scope and rifle but here is what it looks like, also has a extension light tube on the end not shown in picture. Looks good and the added adjustments help these 50+ eyes :). Also note to anyone wanting to add a scope the bolt handle wont clear low or medium rings. I bought some Leupold 1" High with cross-slot rings, specifically made for this rifle. Made everything work really well.

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