New video; much of what we already know...

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Beano, Mar 23, 2013.

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    This one was posted a couple days ago. Mostly the same stuff we all know, just another convincing angle on it.

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    The constant shifting of his glances from upper left and upper right, decry deception. I Have read about this. Don't remember which was which, but one denoted searching memory, the other denotes fabrication. FBI and CIA were trained to watch for this stuff when interrogating. Pupil dilation also gives away emotions, and direct questions can be asked, and the responses can be vetted by pupil and eye movement, even if he never opens his mouth.[yack]
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    That's true, but as far as the subject at hand goes, this guy is just relaying information. He probably is either overemotional or he stinks at presenting. I realize there is still a PM debate out there; is that what you mean?
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    I mean, that my first response is disbelief. His presentation skills (and his hand made graph) along with the constant shifting, would lead me to believe him a nut, even if he was reading the periodic table of elements. :(
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    I see your point, and you're right. I should have caught that, as presentation is a core task of my work. I'm unfamiliar with this guy; apparently he writes books as well. I wonder if they are well-written.

    The graph on a piece of paper was something I did catch; why not just make a video with .ppt slides or something similar?
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    In this guy's case, I think he believes in what he's saying; and I tend to agree with much of it. I think all of his eye movements and rocking back and forth are due to a disorganized mind and nervousness; coupled with a lack of training in presentation skills. I think that he also has a video monitor on which he's watching his own presentation (a no-no), and off screen notes scattered about the table below him, that he is consulting (another no-no).

    I used to teach presentation skills to intelligence analysts. You'd never believe how many times you rock on your heels, clasp your hands, or say "um", until you have someone sit at the back of the room and keep a record of such while you deliver even a five minute presentation.

    His graph is an example of why I would harp to my young analysts that, "If your audience doesn't find you credible, they will not find your information credible, regardless of its veracity and importance." One hand-drawn graph, or a spelling error on a power point slide, and you might as well sit down. You're done.
    Deception Detection - Eye Movements
    Generally, if people are thinking of visual information to answer a question, their eyes will move up: this is how they retrieve mental pictures. Most right handed people will look up and right when remembering and up and left when creating or imaging. We do this unconsciously, but we also tend to do it reliably.
    Now, it doesn't mean that if I look up and left to the "create the visual spot" that I'm making something up. It simply means I'm searching for a mental picture.

    The key in reading eye movements is the same as reading other clues. You look for what's different. Notice when they don't look up in the same way, or when they look up but perhaps to the other side, or when they maintain eye contact with you when they would normally do otherwise.

    This last is an interesting point. Most people imagine that we maintain eye contact when we tell the truth and break it when we lie. Not so. The majority of people will maintain eye contact when lying, because they don't need to retrieve information from their minds and, therefore, don't need to move their eyes. At another level, they are eager to appear sincere, and so consciously decide to keep looking at you.
    How to Read People: Detecting Deception via Body Language and Verbal Clues
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    @tulianr, if you think he is credible, I will give it another listen, turned away from the monitor. That way, he is not so much of a determent to his own cause. :(
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    Our students' final four weeks in their course is to present a series of terrain briefs to senior staff officers, and we used to be able to videotape them to show them exactly how their everyday mannerisms go unnoticed until someone points them out. New rules, we can't videotape or take pictures anymore, but we still teach them all that which you just said. Good info for anyone, even someone just wanting to make a YouTube video.
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