New York AW Confiscation in bill

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Harbin, Jan 21, 2013.

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    I did a quick search and didn't see this posted yet, if it has been mods please delete this thread. This one is as clear as it gets, not much wiggle room here for interpretation:

    Link w/ video
  2. tacmotusn

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    At least for me, F NY
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  3. ghrit

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    Worked for me, took a couple minutes to load. Headline:

    NY Democrat pleads with Republican not to share document proposing confiscation of guns

    c/p lead in text
    The State of New York this week passed some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States, effectively outlawing 'assault weapons' and limiting the size of magazines.
    But if Republican Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin is to be believed, the New York State Democrats would have gone further if they could have. Much, much further.
    In a video posted to his Facebook page, McLaughlin has shared the information of a 'secret' Democrat proposal not simply to make the purchasing of the crudely monikered 'assault weapons' illegal in New York, but also to engage in a mass confiscation programme, removing Americans' weapons from their possession.
  4. HK_User

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    I see NY is following the Nazi Plan to the letter.
  5. UGRev

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    When I saw that video a few days ago... well.. comm check. You dig?
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    All you monkies up in Nu Yawk are quiet welcome to send your pols down here to CenTex if you want. Being as most hunting seasons are closed down here for the rest of the winter. Just don't tell Gator 45/70 or them Cajuns will be over here taking away all our fun. Probably shouldn't send them to Austin either. They'ed be too well camo'd there.
  7. ExHelot

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    All of my wife's kin are from NY and hate the new law. Problem is, like in most other states, the tail wags the dog. The urban areas have the money, population, and votes. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I really don't see an answer to the problem. It's a clash of cultures. What can you do when dealing with an entire culture of irrational sheep that have been indoctrinated all their lives? I don't see any pretty answers.
  8. HK_User

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    OLDDAWG "All you monkies up in Nu Yawk are quiet welcome to send your pols down here to CenTex if you want."

    Nah, Texas don't accept other states trash, unless they be oil field workers or gun smiths or maybe that should be Gin Smiths.
  9. HK_User

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    NY'ers that care should do what Big Mo did on the CHL.

    Keep chipping away at the opposition and force a real vote of the people at the polls till you secure the 2nd as a law of the land, any land.

    Most city types can't stand the thought of going out to vote.

  10. ghrit

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    But they do, therein lays the rub. There's an upstate, downstate flail going on now with gas well development, and the antis are putting on a noisy show, totally irrationally. The gov is waffling on that at least, even if coming down heavy on the gun issues.
  11. BTPost

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    Sue the State in a Federal District Court, in UpState, or western NY... On 2nd Amendment Grounds, and push it clear to SCOTUS..... That will make these Yahoos in the NY State Senate, stand up and be counted...... There is NO WAY, they want to get on the backside of that suit. If they Lose, they will be toast in the Next Election, AND if they Win, The State will empty out faster than Rats leaving a sinking ship.... Either way, folks will see that NY is a State for Pussies....
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  12. HK_User

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    Mo gun rights workers did go out and unbrain wash the inner city moms and then make sure the rurals understood they had a chance to change the enacted Law.

    CHL won and welfare moms (yes that was proven in demographics voting records) understood they needed to protect themselves.

    Seems the antis were surprised when their votes against gun rights did not stay bought.
  13. oldawg

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    Well you know with the price and boredom of paper targets........................
  14. Airtime

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    So, there any petitions for various counties to suceed from the state and create their own New New York? Get Illinois and a few others to do the same thing and it would alter the number of electoral votes that the liberals garner. Could alter the national elections a fair amount.

  15. Brokor

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    @Airtime There's always a petition up dealing with secession, but they will be dealt with the same as the rest --a gentle "FU" from the White House with absolutely no justification.

    Some say, they should have addressed these concerns while they had the chance. I say, the .GOV is prepared for virtually every form of revolt, and that's the only avenue they are leaving the people, too. There's blood on the horizon.
  16. Tikka

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    To be considered a petition must have 25,000 signatures; 0bama wrote a EO increasing the 25K to 100K.

    IMO, if and when a petition gets 100K, 0bama will raise it again.
  17. CATO

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    I hate to say this, but voting, petitioning, writing letters, sueing---ALL of that won't work--libs do not give a damn about your opinion b/c they do not like you and anyone like you. Not only will it take time, you might become a squeaky wheel or have to shell out some money in a lawsuit that could be tied up in court for 20 years (i.e., Heller).

    Your only recourse is to move, pure and simple. Vote with your feet.

    Go to a place where you will enjoy true 2nd Amendment freedoms and where the sheriff won't play ball even if these jerks get their way.

    FWIW, the original is here: proposed NY SAFE ACT of 2013
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  18. Tikka

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    The Courts have worked twice.

    However, I voted with my feet in less than two years from Michigan back down South where I belong.
  19. HK_User

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    Voted with my feet to. Many years back.

    If the pics I took are OK I'll post tomorrow of a Local"s new GREEN Machine.
    Home built from cedar, Le Baron rear end and scraps of this and that. He's had it long enough to wear out two LeBaron doughnut tires.
  20. CATO

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    Heller took 20 years from start to finish. My point was that it may take years to get any recourse via the courts. Moving is as soon as you can move and you are no longer a criminal.

    Yes, I realize "moving" is a big thing, but the alternative is to be a slave to libiots.
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