New York guns laws on "fast track"

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jan 14, 2013.

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    I'm in that shit first hand..
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    Sorry man . . . .
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    You can put this sign in your yard:

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    Did you notice that NY is talking about max capacity for mags being 7 rounds? That eliminates most 1911s. Keep I mind the reason 1911s bear that name.
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    I have 7 & 8 round mags for my 1911.
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    Much worse than I thought . . . .

    S2230-2013 - NY Senate Open Legislation - Licensure, suspension and revocation of firearms licenses - New York State Senate

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    About as clear as IRS regulations, eh?

    (Meaning there's no way you can be clean.)
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    State Senate passes gun control legislation - YNN, Your News Now

    So, if you bought an AR in 2008, it's banned . . . as if the AWB never sunsetted?

    Well, if this is true, a bunch of you guys are now criminals owning banned weapons. I guess you'll have to go register them for the privilege of living in the Empire state.
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    They are good they all sold them to me at 11:59pm eastern time ....... Really happy I live in Oklahoma for the moment. I'm hoping somebody tries to block this ASAP. That Is just ridiculous.
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    They are allowing 10 rounders to be grandfathered. I heard rumblings about only being allowed to OWN two magazines. Unconfirmed.
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    Funny how the first Civil War was fought over states' rights to free people from slavery and the second one is going to start over trying to make us slaves again.

    Say "NO." They can't put all of us in prison.
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    No comment until I see what happens.
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    "In a range of reforms the bill attends to the weaknesses in the
    state's current regulatory structure to bring a consistency and
    rationality that must be the cornerstone of a safe society. A single
    standard across the State will ensure that legal gun owners obtain
    their licenses expeditiously while those prohibited are denied that

    privilege. A statewide database will keep the registry current and
    guard against the dangerous or unstable possessing guns. New rules
    will close a loophole that excludes private sales of guns from a
    federal background check; tighten provisions governing gun ownership
    by persons with serious mental illness; require safe storage of guns
    for gun owners who live with someone who has been convicted of
    certain crimes, is under an order of protection, or who has been
    involuntarily committed as a result of a mental illness. The bill
    also creates new and enhanced penalties for illegal gun use, and
    enhances protections for victims of domestic violence by requiring
    the firearm surrenders and gun license suspension and revocation in
    cases where an order of protection has been issued."

    So much for gun ownership being a "RIGHT", and even private sales would require a background check, complete with seizures from "undesirables." All they need now are robocops, that shoots anyone without proper papers, and they are all set.:(
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    I don't like this. I don't like what is happening, it is very unsettling. Someone said I read to much, that this type of restrictions will never fly. I countered with- do you really think the Supreme Court will up-hold the 2nd amendment? 30 round mags are a choice. I don't own them but that is my choice. In NY we have people who despise firearms and like control defining assault weapons. I am very upset by what is taking place. If the Prez issues executive orders regarding gun control and violates the Constitution, where does that put my country? What happens to my children's country?
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    I believe that a local movement has started in this state thru the Govoner's Office to invite the Gun Ind. and supporting Ind. to move to Louisiana...
    We shall see if this devolp's ?
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    This is for you @UGRev

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    Here's an infographic to explain NY's gun law

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