New Zealanders Surrender… 700 Guns

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    in my mind this is not about firearms... this is about saying nope... to stupid... so...


    As of last week reports out of New Zealand have the total number of surrendered arms in the country at 700 while the estimate on the number of now prohibited weapons hovers around 300,000.

    Isn’t civil non-compliance grand!

    As of last week, only around 700 weapons had been turned over. There are an estimated 1.5 million guns—with an unknown number subject to the new prohibition on semiautomatic firearms—in the country overall. –

    The New Zealand government responded in a world watched, perhaps record setting, knee jerk reaction to the horrific Christchurch massacre. Immediately the Prime Minister promised to ban the dangerous assault weapons that plagued the country. They were ‘clearly’ the only reason in all the myriad reasons that the massacre took place and banning them from private hands always works every time with no ill consequence and everyone is safe forever. The End.

    Right? United Kingdom? Hold on, I’ll let you finish the morning shankings first. All is well, correct?

    If you’ve been under the proverbial (or I suppose literal too) rock and are unaware of the act, the political actions since,and the resultant here is a summary.

    The Massacre

    the site has more on the story...

    New Zealanders Surrender... 700 Guns - GAT Daily (Guns Ammo Tactical)
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    If there was no registry before the "ban" the government has no way of knowing who has what unless the owners told them. NEVER register firearms unless they're pieces of junk that you don't care to lose, and you're holding back the ones you want to keep.
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    Sheeple not “sheepling”. I like it!
  4. Lancer

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    Ever since I purchased my used HAAS table-top CNC mill, I've been slowly migrating my collection to homebrew. I plan to keep a few "legal" err, devices just in case I'm forced to give up something. Those will be the devices that have been shot-to-S***, and are essentially worthless. The rest? Fell into Lake Champlain during a canoe trip to fish for lake trout.
  5. arleigh

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    Good reason to have a few obsolete pieces of junk laying around.
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    Unbelievable, the number of "unfortunate fishing accidents", that must have taken place there!! :eek::rolleyes::whistle::LOL::LOL:
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    Thinking out loud here... I truly doubt that any of you believe that the government will simply roll over and say, "Oh! You lost all your guns in a fishing boat accident? How dreadful. Okay." At the very least, your name will be put on a blacklist at the worse they will get search warrants or worse...much worse.

    Having said that if everyone says this, then it is indeed a passive form of disobedience by the masses; however, they WILL come up with a way to counter it - meaning - maybe an immediate/automatic search warrant and when these words pass your lips they show you the search warrant and tear apart your house and doing so maybe they decide you are worth making an example and they find an automatic weapon or drugs or etc. Or, you are simply left with a home in complete disarray and your family threatened.

    My point here is don't think this simple answer is going to solve anything because it won't. It is the same as saying "I refuse to turn my firearms over to you because I consider the law to be unjust, unconstitutional and against my God given inalienable rights."

    For me, I have already decided that when the time comes, and it will, I will tell them a simple, "No" trying hard not to include any expletives because when this happens it will obviously be the end of the line. When they decide that they can trample the one right that truly makes us equal and protects all our other rights - well - they will not be afraid and will be prepared to trample them all - and they will. And, at that point it is simple choosing between getting in line and bending the knee or rebelling for all you are worth which, more than likely, is exactly what it will cost you. And, it certainly won't matter a damn what you tell them...
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  8. Oddcaliber

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    Only 700! There are more guns in my AO than that. What part of NO do you not understand.
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  9. Thunder5Ranch

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    I truly doubt anyone here would hide their lost weapons in place where they could be found. The Exception maybe Ed though :) .
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  10. Thunder5Ranch

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    More guns than that in most hood public housing complexes.
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  11. Oddcaliber

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    I have about 1/3 of the guns in my area! LOL
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  12. Tully Mars

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    How do you like it?
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  13. mysterymet

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    It’s a good thing I legally sold all my long arms to people with valid carry permits before I left PA years ago.
  14. Bandit99

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    Frankly, I am not going to even try and hide mine because I think when they pull the plug on the 2nd Amendment, and I am pretty sure they will sooner or later, that will be lighting the fuse for revolt. And, God willing, I fully intend to be part of it.
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  15. Yard Dart

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  16. Wildbilly

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    Rather than lose your guns in a boating accident, just SALE THEM! The buyers need to all be dead people. Go to the library and check out the obits. in the local newspapers. Keep records, fake records, but records none-the-less. In a few years who will be able to question you?
    I heard of a guy that placed an ad in the paper to sell his gun collection. The number he gave was to a cheap burner phone. He ran the ad for a week, got calls for a month and told everyone that he had already sold the collection. He had a thousand bucks that he deposited and then withdrew from his bank account several times to flesh out his story. If he was smart he sold to dead people and has some half-ass records to prove it. End of story.
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  17. Lancer

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    A year in = so far, so good. The operator and maint manuals are pretty good as long as you have a decent understanding of basic mechanics and machine tool operation. The online, public, CAD and CNC files for receivers and such are usually pretty good, although there is a LOT of junk, so beware. I've taken to dropping any files I acquire into my A-CAD program to validate them, then, IF I think it's usable, I load it into the CNC controller and dry run it with no tooling or work stock in place. My other, major, "Oh, By the way" is feed rates. This is a small machine, with limited spindle power - it will bog easily if I try to take a large cut on anything. I've found that harder materials, steel, cast iron, the cut should be under 0.005" with a feed rate under 1"/min. Aluminum can be cut faster, but tends to gum up the tools. So I just stick with the slower speeds & let it do it's thing while I go off to some other chore. Not having to babysit is the absolute best reason for CNC. An AR 80% aluminum lower takes about two hours under CNC with no change-outs of tool or stock. A from scratch lower is about 8 hours of run time, with four change outs: one for the fire control group well and top side of the mag hole, another for the cross drills to accept the pins, bottom of the mag well, and finally to get the buffer tube hole. Tapping for the buffer tube and handgrip screw i just do by hand. Again, this is a small machine with limited tool reaches, and work piece orientation room.

    Edit: Please! - unless you have experience with machine tools start off with small projects such as gas blocks, sight risers, toaster oven knobs, belt buckles, etc, etc. I worked in a previous life running the older, manual mills, fly-cutters, overheads, etc. I STILL have broken too many $$$ tools on this little mill. Even commercial grade end cutters, such as provided with 80% lower kits are ~ $50 each. And if you slam it into the workpiece you can break the tool, or the spindle drive assembly. That takes all the fun out of it.
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  18. Lancer

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    When you bury your "devices", scatter a large assortment of steel washers and bolts all over the surrounding 100 yard square. Lots of them. The idea is to mess with the guys with the metal detectors. A few hundred false positives will really discourage them. Or better yet, like the furthest south chunk of our property which was used by the previous owner as a dump for all his hard junk and dead farm implements. But you can find it easily if you put a couple high power neodymium magnets right on top of the cache. Use a compass on the end of a stick at ground level to find them.
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  19. Thunder5Ranch

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    LOL old haybine dies cut it up and bury 100 pound chunks of it 5-6 feet deep all around the farm being careful to put the layer of top soil back on last :) Dig random holes and put the dead clay on last for obvious places something might be buried........ but is nothing but dirt, clay, sand and rock all the way to hell :) For finding stashes I might be a bit obvious but simply take 4 permanent objects like big rocks that are equally distanced and squared and draw a X between the 4 points and there is the treasure. Sealed PVC pipe inside hollow trees works well to.......... until one of yer hired hands cuts the wrong tree and into yer Steyr and ruins a perfectly good rifle and 24" saw chain :(
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  20. Tully Mars

    Tully Mars Metal weldin' monkey

    Try using kerosene as a tool lub/coolant. I had a old machinist turn me onto that 30 years ago and it works great. He had an old cool mister he set up just for kerosene and kept it behind his mill just for Aluminum. I use it when doing my lowers. Really helps.
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