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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by plotlife, Jul 12, 2018.

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    Hi to everyone here,

    Just signed up. Read through some of the threads before joining to make sure this is the right sort of place for me - some of the threads are very interesting with some, "characters" posting. So I might learn something here.

    My name is Mark, I am 54, I am Australian but live in Africa. I have 2 small plots of land next door to each other, so its essentially one big plot of land. I am by the side of a large freshwater lake and have 120 meters of lake frontage, so very relaxing place to hang out.

    I have to admit I am a bit slow at getting things done. But why rush into things? I still dont have a completed dwelling on my plot - I got the plot in 1998, moved onto the plot in 1999 and ......its now 2018. I dont know where the time went to be honest ;)

    I am very interested in Solar power and battery systems. I do have grid power and it has gotten HUGELY better then it used to be back in the early days. The Chinese came in and revamped an old Hydro project close to us on the Lunzua river. It generates 15MW of power so the small town I am in now has reasonably good grid power (still in Africa though, so......)

    So thats about where I am at this time. I am currently staying down in the capital city of the country I live in. Been here for the last 2 years with various issues but seem to be clearing up now so aim to be heading back to the plot soon to carry on with my hectic development schedule.

    Look forward to interacting with you all over the coming years.

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  3. snake6264

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    Welcome aboard hope you have a great time here there is a lot of good info and fun people
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    Welcome! and yes we do have quite a few characters, it's called the monkey for a variety of reasons :p;);)
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  5. plotlife

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    Thanks for the welcome to your hangout.

    Dont have much on my channel but it gives some idea of what trouble I got into......

    My Acre of Africa
  6. Dunerunner

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    Welcome, here! Anxiously awaiting the story of why you chose Africa and what you have done to the property the past 10 years.
  7. Motomom34

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    Welcome to the monkey. Looks really dry there, good thing you are near a lake. What is this? is that a water storage system?
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  8. plotlife

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    Hey there Dunerunner,

    I put up a fence, cleared one of the plots out from the overgrown mess it was, built a plinth and put a concrete slab on it and started building a house.......that sort of thing.
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  9. plotlife

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    Hi Motomum34,

    Those are my fish tanks. It was August when I took this video, so getting close to the height of the dry season. IN the wet season this place is lush green. SO much water comes down here in the rainy season that we think this is where Jesus learnt to walk on water ;)
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  11. Altoidfishfins

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    Happy to have you. Stick around.
  12. hot diggity

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    Welcome aboard. Plenty of smart folks here.
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    Welcome aboard Plotlife,,,,,I'm not one of the smart ones , I just hang around with smart people,,,:D
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    Welcome aboard, glad to have ya!
  15. DarkLight

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    Welcome and be welcome
  16. techsar

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    Welcome! Hope you enjoy the site...don't overlook the search function. (y)
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    Welcome to the Monkey from the Pacific NW!!
  18. Sapper John

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    Welcome to the Monkey tree!
  19. plotlife

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    Thanks to all for the warm welcomes. its like being a kid in a candy store - not knowing what to dive into first here
  20. ochit

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    Jambo ! -- Harle Welkom Welcome I hope you like it here.

    Depending on where your located a camera for your doors, seems its popular to shoot farmers ranchers / land owners answering their doors in parts south.

    Hakuna Matata mate
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