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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nugafonos, Mar 9, 2009.

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    deleted as a courtesy
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    Nice try, no disrespect intended. You will find folks on this forum with interests in all those areas. But, as in all things, street cred is necessary here. You will find a very large percentage of the members (and welcome to you as one) are "preppers" rather than "survivalists." You will also find that most, if not all, are very conscious of personal and business security. As you read and research past contributions and contribute yourself, you'll find this forum a tremendous resource. You might eventually find a few like minded individuals in your area that will collaborate with you in setting up a group.

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    OK, modified my OP. That's "cred" not "crud" right? :D

    Further - I have a product designed (over 10 years development) that's 95% wood, easily made, very unique, and marketable on-line, mail order, and thru hardware/home improvement retailers such as Home Depot, etc.
    Other product ideas in various stages of development. I have other "prep" skills/know-how too. Would like to provide employment/income for others as well as self.

    Not sure what you mean by "very conscious of personal and business security". I certainly don't have ANY intent to threaten anyone's.

    Posts here or PMs are welcome.
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    Duhhh [banghead], just spotted the Regional Monkey Forum.

    And some other sites.
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    Google the "michigan militia there's plenty of militia type guys there; but its not really what we're about...

    "Not sure what you mean by "very conscious of personal and business security". I certainly don't have ANY intent to threaten anyone's.

    Allow me to explain I'll try to be polite,though it should be startlingly obvious (perhaps you 've no military background)...

    Even though you've introduced yourself and intentions with three lines of text on a public bb..Nobody has any idea who or "what" you are. Executive orders are already in place allowing the "govt relief" forces to sieze resources: food;water; fuels; transportation.taser1
    Bringing an extra person into any existing "group", means there's one more mouth to feed , and about 125 more people;dogs,cats,and kids;friends; who know what resources, are stored where; what (if any )"security measures" are in place... each of those has word of mouth influence over something like 125 others. its not even that you personally would deliberately pass on information; but you don'tseem to have to have any concept of "operational security". A few loose comments in the locker room: " we'll be okay I hooked up with some folks in hardyville"...overheard two lockers over by someone less scrupulous. Could lead to the death of others... People can be excused for being reluctant to advertise their hard earned supplies. But welcome to the board there's a ton of good info to raise your own "level of preparedness".[boozingbuddies]
    Oh yeah, I'vegot an electromechanical associates and worked many years on plc controlled industrial production equipment (left the field ( industrial maintenance)a few years ago).
    But your opening post smacks of spam (unwelcome advertising)...
    Think also;" you are advertising a "business opportunity" Based on electricity and transportation fuels to a bunch of folks who are not counting on either being plentiful in the relatively near future."
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    Well said ,I like this place because everybody here does have a clue !!!
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    :) (thought I was having a full flegded asshat moment...) was expecting flame for being overly dramatic...
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    Your right on the money Tango, and what gets me is none of these types of FNG's come here and use the search box. We have had this same question asked not to long ago, all one needs to do is look back through our archives where almost every question that can be asked, has been asked.
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    Nope..... I think you nailed it.
  10. ozarkgoatman

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    Like others I think you were spot on. [beer]

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    "If you could have 3 guns what would they be." What is the best gun for..." here is a list of.... A .22lr is the best gun because... Anyone with less then 10 post trys to tell everyone else how to get it done should be [beat]

    At least 3 times.
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    OK, so guess I got my foot stuck in mouth right off the bat here! Please note the "newbie" designation - posts in error go with the term. As to not searching here first - I spend so much freakin' time clumsily using this freakin' computer thing as it is, I run out of time a lot.

    My intent/thinking was/is that any group has to support itself and I'm trying to offer a way to do so. Self employment is one way to get thru tough econo-times - you can't be fired or layed off. But, if no one's interested...hey, whatever.

    You don't know me and I don't know yous - its too bad suspicion tends to lock us all up in our own worlds.

    If any of this grabs you wrong or I'm putting my foot in mouth again...sorry and again, I'm just doing a bit of "jawing".

    No offense or criticism intended here whatsoever.

    BTW, this product I mentioned is somewhat firearms related. In addition, I have many other firearm related products - guns being a life long interest of mine.
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    Uhhh, do me a favor and post some links maybe? Thanks. I'm bad at doing searches.
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    Searches are not particularly difficult, and chances are none here remember everything either. I assume you've seen the search link at the top of the page. For some of what you are looking for, click on that, fill in "group" or "tribe" in the box and see what pops up. It is essentially impossible to be "bad" at searches, it is only a matter of time (Yeah, I know, never enough) and thinking up a good term to search on. It's what we all do, and most times finding something will give a hint at something else to look at.

    No, I am not ducking the issue beyond not having time myself to search things up for you, no disrespect intended. It is far more fun (for me, anyway) to do the research and reading. Every time, without fail, I find something interesting or useful that I either missed or forgot. Quick answers are quickly forgotten, at least that's the way my MT head works.

    Which reminds me, I need to look up first aid kits, need to build one for the pickup tool box.

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    Yeah, hoid that story 'bout the old man b4.

    Possum livin' - I ka-no about that - been puttin' it to practice a long time - too long it seems! [banghead]
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    Drink Beer. Lighten Up All.
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