Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by raven61, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. raven61

    raven61 Monkey

    Just another newbie here. Northern Missouri stalwart. Hope to learn as much as I can.
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  2. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    Welcome to the Monkey Raven!!!
  3. Ganado

    Ganado Monkey+++

    Welcome @raven61 we need new monkeys! IT livens up the pecking order on the tree [LMAO] and makes the old monkeys sweat bullets instead of shooting them [nutkick]
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  4. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Moderator Moderator Site Supporter++

    Morning @raven61 there is always something to learn and I am sure you have much to share. Glad you found the monkey.
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  5. Dunerunner

    Dunerunner Monkey Moderator

    Welcome, here!
  6. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    ;) and you shall. Welcome to the monkey tree, grab a branch and hold on tight, it gets rather windy sometimes.
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  7. GOG

    GOG Monkey+++ Site Supporter

    Welcome from the great State of Jefferson.
  8. GrayGhost

    GrayGhost Monkey+

    Welcome to SM! I've knocked around in the woods of the land. Beautiful country.
  9. chimo

    chimo the few, the proud, the jarhead monkey crowd

    Howdy and welcome!
  10. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

  11. yeti695

    yeti695 Monkey

    Welcome from Oklahoma.
  12. Dont

    Dont Just another old gray Jarhead Monkey Site Supporter

    Welcome @raven61 ... You may even learn much more than you expected here...;)
  13. Seepalaces

    Seepalaces Monkey+ Site Supporter+

  14. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

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