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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Minuteman, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Tracy

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    He looks great!
  2. Brokor

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    That's a cool dog. I can't wait to get a pup and get back to life.
  3. Minuteman

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    Well Kai is doing great. He has the run of the property and is starting to feel his manhood. He has a deep growl and is very protective. He killed a Possum the other day and was very proud of himself. I hauled it off to the woods and he drug it back up to the house.
    His best friend was our Black Lab "Bo". They slept together in the same doghouse and followed each other around. Bo was old and he went on his final hunt a few weeks ago. Our Female Dobie is very standoffish and doesn't really like the horseplay that Kai is fond of. So........

    We just bought a new dog. A young pup that will be a play mate for kai and also another guard dog for the wife when I am away. She wanted a little Yorkie or some such yapper. Not my cup of tea for sure. We were at the pound looking and none of the dogs there felt right. We were looking at a chart on the wall of all the dog breeds. I have always wanted a Fila Brasiliero. Which is basicaly a Brazilian bred Mastiff. We saw a picture of an Old English Mastiff and decided to check into them. We read up on them and found a very highly recommended breeder just a 2 hour drive from us. We went to their website and they had one pup left from their last litter ready for adoption. A fawn colored female, just exactly what we had decided that we wanted. It was just meant to be. We sent a deposit the next day and will pick her up in 2 weeks.

    So, introducing Queen Boudica de Britanniae as she will be known on her papers, but we call her Molly. The full grown dog is her mother. Her father wieghs 245 pounds!!
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  4. Minuteman

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    A little history. An old breed. It is said that the Romans greatly feared and respected them during their invasion of Britain.

    It has been said that "A lion is to a house cat, what a Mastiff is to a dog."
    The Pugnaces Britanniae was the progenitor to the Mastiff, however it is extinct now. The Mastiff name was probably came from the Anglo-Saxon word "masty" meaning "powerful." It is recognized as the oldest English breed. It is descended from the Molosser and the Alaunt. It is said to have been brought to Britain in the 6th century B.C. It was used for the blood sports of: bear-baiting, bull-baiting, dog fighting, and lion baiting. Throughout the history of the Mastiff, it has contributed to the development of several other breeds.

    There is some evidence that the Mastiff came to America on the Mayflower. However, documentation of the breed's existence in America was not until the late 1800's. However, in 1835 the Cruelty to Animals Act was passed in the United Kingdom and baiting of animals was prohibited. As a result, the Mastiff lost its popularity.

    There is a story about the Mastiff that proves its character. It is said that when Sir Peers Legh was wounded in the Battle of Agincourt that his Mastiff stood over him and protected him through the many hours of the battle.
    A long time ago some giant dog-like beasts lived on the earth. These creatures were known under the name Molossus or simply Dogs. Ancient images of dogs like these can be seen on Babylonian relics from 2200 BC. Already at that time the Dogs were used (or misused) as war dogs. Sculptures from Assyria also show mastiff-alike drawings from about 650 BC. We don't know for sure how these giants were bred, or whether they developed by their own effort. One thing is rather certain, though. The ancestors of the mastiffs came from Central-Asia, and the dogs were brought to Britain by Phoenician traders about 500 BC. At least this is the most common assumption, even if there do exist other theories. The British liked these dogs, simply because of their impressive size and brutal strength. Many a dog lost his life because of man's bloody interest in organized fights between animals. Fights between different dogs and between dog and bear were among the most popular dog activities in those days.

    The Romans also found the mastiff to be quite interesting, and as the Roman empire were on it's most powerful, the mastiff also had a respected position as both war-dog and fighting dog. During the Roman occupation of Britain (55 BC - 415 AD) lots of Dogs were exported from Britain to Rome. The dogs had to fight for their lives against whatever the Romans brought back home from their long and numerous expeditions. African animals like lions were popular in the arenas. Animals didn't have the law on their side, rather the opposite. But, despite of these disturbing conditions the Romans also put the mastiff in the history book in a more positive way. Some roman officers had the honor to own a mastiff. They trained them for war and protection. With special developed equipment and the "right" kind of training, an angry dog with 100 active kilos was a violent and feared warrior. One particular story about is about a mastiff sacrificing his own life to save his master in a military battle. The dog was looked upon as a hero after that battle (not that he got much fun out of it, but most heroes don't become heroes before they're dead and buried anyway...) The mastiff is supposed to have been Cesar's favorite dog.

    In our time the mastiff basically is a family dog, but he is also a fantastic watchdog. The home is his fortress, and he knows how to convince strangers that they don't belong there. The mastiff will normally not attack an intruder unless it's self-defense, but then again very few people have been brave or stupid enough to find out whether the dog is serious when he stands tall in front of you with a low bass sound coming from his throat. In England the mastiff still is being used as a watchdog outside pubs, according to an old tradition.

    Hmm, two Dobies and a Mastiff. I don't think we even need to lock our doors anymore!!!
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    What a beautiful pup! I've always loved Mastiffs. Unfortunately, I don't think my bed is big enough for another large pup. I guess I could always get a bigger bed.
  6. E.L.

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    Good looking dog, I'm jealous.
  7. RightHand

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  8. Minuteman

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    I think I'll rent Turner and Hooch tonight!

    "Not the car!!Don't eat the car!"

    Hooch wasn't a Mastiff tho, he was a Bouceron, a lot smaller than a Mastiff!

    We've been reading up on care of them and it is recommended to provide good chew toys. Such as a car tire, a basketball and a large log!!!
  9. Tracy

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    What a great addition to your family!
  10. dragonfly

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    Now that's a DOG!
    When I can, I'm heading to the pound to see if I can adopt a couple larger puppies for my place up north....They are really a pain here when it comes to adoption of the animals, but they sure take your money in a flash! And they DO NOT REFUND it, even if you bring the animal back in a couple of hours....mine had had a broken leg at one time and could barely walk...they told me it was from the shot they'd just given him!
    Xray's proved them to be liars!
    No dog, No money back.....
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