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    I just finished reading a book by Bryce Towsley. The book is called The 14th Reinstated.

    The 14th Reinstated: Bryce M. Towsley: 9781479335527: Books

    I found the book really interesting and felt it had a few survival tips in case SHTF. The author is a gun guru and he lives in a state that will be invaded if society collapses. The town set up a signal if bands of people were approaching and how they passed word of where help was needed. Also by reading this book, it really showed me the need of having topo maps and knowing your surrounding terrain. The author bounces around a bit and this book gets mixed reviews but I liked it.

    The main characters brother was an interesting part of the book. I wish we could have learned more once that truth was finally realized. Yes, much of this book is unrealistic but it does have some things that made me think. The title is in reference to Vermont. Vermont has become known as a very liberal state but the author has a strong love of his state and he has some great statements that show the foundation of his state and how it evolved into what it is today.
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