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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by gridless_om, Sep 18, 2016.

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    Recently retired, purchased a manufactured home in a 55+ community. Soon realized it was akin to being placed in an assisted care unit. Excitement is centered around what came in the mail, what's to eat or whom did the ambulance come for? Losing my motivation for independence then realized that I do have most of the resources for off-grid living. Own an multi acre plot of ground that I bought many years ago (15?). Remotely located on a mountain top near a medium sized reservoir, property is behind a locked gate & part of a much larger (800 acres?) plot of land. Most of the owners use theirs for vacation camping with little or no restrictions. Also, have a self contained 29' travel trailer, has a solar panel for charging batteries, a generator for emergencies.

    Going up next spring to grade the parking area to accommodate up to 4 of my immediate family. Camped, hunted more or less roughed it as a child growing up, father was a mustang wrangler, worked on a large ranch for the Browning family (the gun people). Taught us everything he knew, made us toe the mark growing up living off the land. Got away from it when I became an adult, marriage & career. Did camp for years with my family, now all three children are into either van living (Oregon - Arizona) or currently building a tiny home & the last is pushing for a chance to join me on weekends with his unit on our mountain until his retirement.

    There is no power, water or other conveniences on the property but located within a short driving distance (45 min) to a large city (80,000) that has all the shops necessary to sustain us. Water in plentiful in the large river in the bottom of the accessible canyon. I have devised many plans that have changed daily since I made up my mind to get off the grid as much as possible. All is in the planning stages now so I need to pick your brains for information & support.​

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    Welcome to our Monkey Tree... Pick yourself out a branch, and have a good look around....
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    Welcome! And good luck with your off grid plan
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome from the great State of Jefferson.

    I'm sure you'll find the information and help you are looking for. We've got some outstanding people here.
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    Sounds like you are set up to make a go of it. Welcome to the tree!
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    Welcome. Saw your later post first and commented there. To me, getting set up for off-grid is just about the most exciting thing. I have a self-contained 21 ft travel trailer on some remote property that is powered with solar (no commercial available). Over the years have been making infrastructure improvements, the latest major one being a solar-powered (very deep) well.

    Not cheap or easy. But probably a more rewarding experience than most in my life so far. Can't wait to retire so that full time can be dedicated to it.
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    Welcome.... sounds like you are on the right track!! The Monkey has an immense amount of resources....and a bunch of smart ones swinging through the tree. :)
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    Welcome Aboard! Lots of really outstanding ideas and information here in the tree, enjoy!
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    Welcome to the Monkey... lots to learn around here...
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