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Discussion in 'Politics' started by tacmotusn, Jun 9, 2011.

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    What's up with this. Did Newt show them his "Weiner"? Not that I really give a rats patoot about this corrupt Republican dinosaur. It just seems mighty odd. Inquiring minds want to know more.
    Breaking News Alert: Gingrich's senior campaign staff reportedly resigns en masse
    June 9, 2011 3:14:21 PM

    Virtually the entire staff to Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich resigned en masse Thursday afternoon following a staff meeting, individuals close to the campaign said Thursday. Those resigning included campaign manager Rob Johnson, and campaign advisers Dave Carney and Katon Dawson.

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  3. beast

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    somehow he seems to think he can go on to be prez without
    i hope he spends himself bankrupt and loses
  4. Kingfish

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    I hope Gingrich drowns in his own puke. He is a Globalist pig. He and Clinton are big time buddies. Kingfish
  5. UGRev

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    I kept telling my pop that Newt was a slimy ****er.. he finally believed me and thank God for that..
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    Since he bagged the "Contract With America", ol' Newt is damaged goods. Unelectable. He had no chance.
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    Newt represents what I like to call the "white hairs". None of the young GOP crowd or the true Tea Partiers are interested in electing him. Unfortunately, the primaries are dominated by the sort of hard core GOPers that would elect the idiot.

    If the GOP doesn't get their sh*t together and put forth someone that represents real change, the independents will throw a vote to however their local favorite is and there could be a real chance of an Obama re-election. I have a glimmer of hope in a few GOP candidates. If that fails, maybe a strong independent candidate??... I hope??
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    I agree - the GOP is simply 'stuck on stupid', and will NOT back a decent true Conservative. They want a 'good old boy' who knows how to toe the party line. They are, right now, too fractured. In time they will select one of their own, a tired old DC warhorse. Exactly what many of US do NOT want. I see myself likely voting Independant this next election. The GOP really PO'd me bigtime throwing the last one to 'bama........

    We'll have to see who is still standing a year from now after the winnowing from the rabid Drive-by Media........
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