News on CCW permits in Arizona....

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by dragonfly, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. dragonfly

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    I just spoke to my son, a deputy here in Maricopa County....
    I was told that the state is now considering doing away with CCW permits entirely.
    This is even backed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio!
    (say what?)
    Yup, I was astonished were most of the other deputies, and LEO's in the county!
    Not sure where this originated, supposedly "Az Central" ?
    Not good.
    I suppose it's ok to go to "open cary" but where does that leave police officers, deputies, etc., etc.
    With a CCW you can purchase and walkout of the store with a firearm....
    Without one, you have the wait and delay time....
  2. ghrit

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    Maybe the intent is to no longer require a permit, thus permitting anyone to carry concealed rather than not? Now, THAT would be a good thing.
  3. Boromonkey

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    I believe it's intended to get rid of the requirement to have a CCW to carry concealed, thus allowing anyone to carry open or concealed. I think it also allows for carry on school property under certain conditions, etc.

    I think the restrictions on CCW school, church, hospital, restaurant, etc. carry desperately need revision....but..I'm not sure how I feel about no need for a permit for CCW. Open carry, O.K. But when a group of gangster-types are "innocently" loitering around the pretty little white girl's car at midnight......those concealed .22's stuffed in thier pants should get them arrested.

    Plus, if every Jo Shmoe can just cram a gun in his waistband....Some yahoo will eventually do someting stupid and give the lefties a "good reason" to get all those gun nuts off the street.

    In theory, I agree there should be NO firearm reality.......I fear I am a victim of reality........

    Oh, the shame....
  4. WestPointMAG

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    All of the states need to do what IN, does. Here we have a lifetime license to carry a handgun, this is how it works in my town.
    You go into the P.D. on Wednesdays and tell them that you would like to apply for your handgun license. They say ok and hand you a short form to fill out {about 2min work}. {This is the fun part} Then a top heavy blond takes you into a little room and plays with your fingers, then rolls them in that dirty ink and presses them on a piece of paper. Wile she is doing that she says that she can not understand why all of the men that come in here have sweaty hands. Now she helps you wipe the ink off your fingers and takes you to a little table with two chairs and tell you to just have a set and an officer will see you shortly.
    The officer comes over with a vanilla envelop introduces him/her self shakes your hand and sets down. He pulls everything out of the envelop and ask you if you have a money order. You hand it to him/her he/she puts it with the other papers. He/she looks at the form you filled out and ask you one question. Why do you want a license to carry a handgun? Before you can answer he/she stops you and explains that there are three kinds of licenses in IN. One is for target practice, one is for hunting and one is for personal protection. Then he/she explains that the one for target practice is only for target practice, the hunting is only for hunting but the personal protection one is for all three. Of course most everyone says personal protection so he checks that box. He/she puts every thing back in the envelop and says that he/she will give this for the chief for his approval says thank you, shakes you hand and tell you to see the lady at the front desk. Here is the good part, if the chief denies more applicants then the state think he should he has to go to the state house on his dime and his time and answer a board as to why he has denied so many applicants. If they do not like his answers then there is a good chance that he will no longer be a CLEO.
    When you walk up to the counter the cute blond ask in her cute blond voice “All done? You say yes. She says ok I will call you when it is all done. You go home think about the cute blond and wait on her to call. In about two day never more then three unless he is out of town she calls you and says your paperwork is all done you can come and get it when you get time Ok. You go get you paperwork from the cute blond and walk to the post office.
    You put a money order for the state in the envelop, seal it up and pay the lady at the counter to put postage on it for you and she drops it in a slot behind her. You go home to wait. By law the state has to have it back to you within ninety days. If you are approved your pink {Yes pink} license is in the envelop, the piece of paper says to separate your license from the letter, sign your name on it and have it laminated. That is all there is to it no classes, no test and you do not have to even to own a gun.
    The topper here is for $20.00 a year you get to use the P.D’s outdoor range when they are not using it. They only use it two or three weeks out of the year. If a LEO is there just shooting and not qualifying he can only tie it up for thirty minuets then he has to let you use it. I can kick an LEO off the range if they do something that is not safe, but I am special.
    A license to carry a handgun is just that it is not a CCW. You can carry any kind of hand gun and you can carry it in the open or canceled. I thank this is about as close as “shall not be infringed” as can be gotten and still have some kind of control over it. When you buy a hand gun you can carry it that day.
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