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    A special Edition of Newsweek has hit the stands- Off Grid

    For the price of $10.99 you can own this special edition. I do wonder why, why Newsweek would be featuring Off Grid. IMO the surivalist/prepper movement is gaining traction so Newsweek maybe just cashing in on a growing market. Newsweek is a left leaning rag in my opinion so it makes me wonder . The magazine did consult with survivalist when writing the articles. Inside the magazine you will see article, items that one should have and some gear.

    Amazons description of the magazine:
    Newsweek Special Issue - Off Grid: Media Lab Publishing: 0074470289807: Books

    Currently the two reviews on Amazon are running one star.

    Here is an article about two that contributed to this special edition- Off Grid Gets Newsweek Special Edition | Beyond Off Grid
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    I was just thinking about the "instant" surivalist/prepper movement, is gaining traction the other day as I once again added a bit of dirt and rock to the old ravine that is on one edge of our place. You see when we bought this place/piece of rough ranch land, friends said "You outta build up in them Oak trees". I noted the 6 foot deep x 20 foot wide ravine that got wet in only the typhoon season and just wondered how many $k it would take to build a bridge. Not a good idea so I began to slowly fill in the ravine. Now, some 4o years later, you can still see that first fence post I placed to keep the property line in sight and the fence that dipped into the water on the seldom received rains.

    Each year I would replace what had been carved out of my patch job against mother nature plus what I would add to raise the new floor of the ravine. At first the work was with only the tractor and box blade, then the rake on the back of the tractor and later the front end loader. Lots of continued work and planning on days when time was available. No instant feel good moves just steady work and moving bits of rock and dirt from the other end of the pond when it dried out.

    I thought of taking a few pictures to show how long and what it takes to repair the misuse of the land by others. Now, due to the repairs, my neighbor has a nice sloping meadow that fills with water and then over runs my small dam. The meadow provides grass for their small herd and slows down the erosion on my side. In fact the ravine that was on their side has filled now and each rain adds a bit more soil, My side no longer runs red with mud and the final 100 feet, before the pond, has also filled with soil and now provides more grazing for us.

    In short, such publications by Newsweek is really a non fix to me. Making a ranch or farm work is not within the scope of the media, any media, after all those folks live in a city and set on their duff each day.

    Work and planning, means I now go across that gap in any weather any time and now I see only about 10 inches of the top of that first fence post plus the most recent loads of fill dirt. Thus the thought of a picture to show how you can change bad to better.
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  3. KAS

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    do all the people that live off grid dress like that ?
  4. HK_User

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    Maybe the homeless ones.
  5. Yard Dart

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    Well only on Halloween..... ;)
  6. Tully Mars

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    Dude, you didn't get the memo??;)
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    I'm sure glad I only have off-grid capability....I'd hate to have to wear that stuff all of the time.
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    I will confess I did not buy this magazine. I would rather spend $11 on something useful though I am curious about "treating a burn with green beans". Did anyone notice that the off grid guy doesn't have a weapon? You would think with the ruins in the background that the guy would have a knife or gun but this guy is armed only with a radio.
  10. kellory

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    The Nutrition of Green Beans / Nutrition / Healthy Eating

    Correction: he has no recognizable weapon you can see. He could be a suicide bomber, for all we know, or have a blade up his sleeve. There are many lethals and non-lethals that could be present and not alter that image one iota. As for the rope, ask a black man from the deep south, if a rope is a weapon or not.
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  11. HK_User

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    OTOH, a typical lib manifestation of a victim escaping. Of course no AK or AR15 after all those are now, with high capacity magazine, all illegal and no honest city dweller would ever own such a despicable weapon. The radio, is to call for help to show his belief in the society he once trusted to protect him, Binos are to see the future, a rose colored world ahead and the dangling aluminum canteen makes a perfect bell to attract attention, the hoodie is just the secrecy needed to escape the bad things behind. The rope? Ahh yes that's the attachment to a mechanized society he is now leaving behind after all the Gore types blame real world problems on a civilized society that depends on working people to keep it going. Clearly this "victim" is no victim just the manifestation of all things wrong, as perceived by the libs now in charge of mass media and the gov. It's a wonder the victim does not also carry a frilly rainbow chest medal to show its support for all things kind and gentle, you know those types that want to dismantle christen family values as they continue to groom, through print and visual media, the homosexual way of life in the big cities.

    Maybe paranoia is just a good thing to awaken us to the facts of how we are being manipulated by the medias..

    The tucked tops in the combat boots is yet another message to those in the lib world. That would be that all Mil types are loners and not to be trusted.
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    What? You didn't get the "gimmie" hoodie with your solar panels! Doggone delivery guy struck again.
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    Crap someone beat me to the Halloween costume comment...oh well...better luck next time ;)
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    [applaud][applaud] @HK_User your analysis of that cover was amazing.
  15. HK_User

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    Why Thank You ma'am.
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    The Gang Bangers will kill him off the first week and probably eat him! Or dress him up and call him Sally!:rolleyes:
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