Next Gun Buy-Back?

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  2. Dunerunner

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    I doubt this kind of tactic will be allowed for long, but more power to him.
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  3. Andy the Aussie

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    During the 1996 buy back here some crazy money was forked out for things...a friend of find took in an SKS and 10 empty stripper clips. He explained they were in fact the magazine for that rifle and were unique to it, they could not argue and as there was not already a price listed for them (many accessories were already on a list and costed) the “buy back van” staff nominate an amount and if the person surrendering agreed to the price it was paid there and then (if you didn’t it was sent away and assessed and a cheque sent out) my friend agreed to $1ea for the stripper clips.

    He returned two days later, after having done a run around his place to collect stuff, with two more SKSs. He told the same staff at the van he also had some clips but he needed a hand to unload them......two full 44ga drumbs of $1ea thanks....
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  5. HK_User

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  6. AndyinEverson

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    I have seen various videos and pictures of some homemade guns being sold at gun buy backs...And while I do get the idea of making a "gun" and getting paid for it ....all while turning the gun buy back program into a farce....
    Many times the payment is a grocery store credit or the like , not cash .....Something I wouldn't waste my time with or possibly run afoul of the law over.
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  7. Thunder5Ranch

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    I bought 5 ragged out junk SKS's back in the late 90s that combined had enough good parts to make one decently functional rifle. Think I paid $50 for all 5 in the lot. A few years later the was a gun buy back offering $200 for assault rifles, $100 for hand guns and $50 for everything else............ I put the 4 total junkers back together and claimed my $800 for 4 very dangerous assault rifles :)
  8. Ura-Ki

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    I would be very careful here, turning in home made Junk, be aware, you could then be charged for manufacturing, even though it's legal to make a firearm for personal use, it's a slippery slap!
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  9. Gator 45/70

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    So if I sawed of the barrel on a Daisy BB gun would that be against the law in a No Questions asked Buy back?
    Just hypothetically of course since i would never consider doing that to a Daisy.
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  10. Ura-Ki

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    I have heard through sources that "They" are looking closely, it's a part of the cracking down on "GhostGuns" and other proclaimed with out proof "Aboritions"
    Basically looking to catalog those who show the propensity for inventiveness!
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  11. UncleMorgan

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    I waited a while before posting here, partly to do some thinking and partly to do some research.

    Referring now to home-made guns that are legal: That is
    1) shotguns that are over the legal minimum length, both barrel and overall.
    2) rifles that are over the legal minimum length, both barrel and overall.
    3) rifles and handguns that are not fully automatic,
    4) rifles an handguns that are not of illegally large bore (+50 cal.). Those are classed as WMD.
    5) rifles, pistols, and shotguns that were not made for resale without a proper manufacturing license.

    Buybacks are intended to get working firearms off the street. So non-guns are not purchased.

    The easiest way to prove functionality with a homemade firearm is to put a serial number on it, and then show up with a video of it being test-fired.

    The easiest way to avoid any unproven and unprovable presumption that your homemade guns were made for resale is simply to show up with, say, six different guns. Different in sights, or stocks, or forestocks, or handgrips, or safties, or whatever. Thus you disposing of a simple series of design prototypes which probably culminated in the The Most Perfect One--which you have no intention of disposing of.

    Need that one for lawful defense, is what. Several, actually.

    Now, at the root of the debate is the making of cheap guns expressly to "sell" them to the police at a buyback.

    This should not be an issue at buybacks where amnesty is given--so that a person can, for example, show up with an illegal fully automatic weapon and dispose of it without worrying about being arrested immediately thereafter for possession of it or any other related offense.

    Likewise, at anonymous buybacks, there should be no possibility of prosecuting "prior crimes" associated with the buyback, because the police would not be legally allowed to know who turned in a given weapon, or weapons.

    So, I recommend that anyone who wants to dabble in the design and/or construction of homemade firearms do so at their pleasure. And save all less than perfect creations in case they ever HAVE to be used, or in case a buyback rolls around and provides a safe (and appreciative) way to dispose of them.

    Frankly, I think building homemade firearms is like sex: I like it so much I'd do it for free if there was any money in it.
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  12. fedorthedog

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    A gun smith I knew inthe 90s empied the box of broken junkers on SFPD at 50 buck each, got something like 700 buck for non working saturday night specials
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