Nextel units for sale. Any Interest?

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by WastedDaze, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. WastedDaze

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    I have eight Nextel units for sale.
    All units have Direct Talk transceivers built in. Also GPS receivers.
    Please PM me if interested.

    These 4 units come with chargers and batteries and rubber duck antennas! The antennas cost me $10 ea.

    These two little flip phone units have pull out antennas. Comes with batteries and chargers.
    Units transmit and receive with the flip open or closed. Very handy.

    These are the deluxe i9 Nextel units. Like new Refurbs as of 2011. They have brand new batteries and come with chargers. Also have 3 megapixel camera, built in calculator, MP3 player with internal micro SD card slot and Bluetooth

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  2. WastedDaze

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    Can a moderator correct my title? Should be Nextel not Netel... [OO]
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    This should be in the buy/sell/trade forum, but I will leave a redirect for a few days just because it is relevant.

    Nice Nextel units. :)
  4. WastedDaze

    WastedDaze Monkey+

    Thank you.
  5. WastedDaze

    WastedDaze Monkey+

    On Sale Now!
    Ok. Price reduction: All eight Nextel units shipped for $125.
  6. bumpshadow

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    Still for sale?
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