NGVCA pushing an Anti-2nd Amendment agenda.

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    Press Release About Starbucks Boycott « Gun Victims Action Council

    Kudos to Starbucks for honoring our 2nd amendment rights!
    Fatal stabbings in England and Wales have risen to their highest level in three decades. Police figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show 277 stabbing deaths in 2007-8.
    They are the highest since records began in 1977.
    So you take away someones gun and they will find another way to kill. An example that guns dont kill people, people kill people.
    Suicides accounted for 55 percent of the nation’s nearly 31,000 firearm deaths in 2005. Doesn’t seem like that would stem from carrying in public.
    About 95% of “gun crimes” are performed with a gun that has been obtained illegally. (More than 95 percent of all gun related crimes in the Rochester area are committed with illegal guns according to District Attorney Mike Green.)

    This is the comment I left on the article. Leave what you believe to me right!
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    Going to get me some fresh coffee now...
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    My new favorite coffee.
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    14,000,000 members? I smell BS.
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    I think they have elementry school students sign up in school.
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    Took the Misses out for coffee and paistry this morning at our local Starbucks. Anyone else?
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    "Gun victims" - BS! The guns don't shoot of their own accord. These idiots are victims of CRIMINALS! I prefer to control the criminals, not the guns. Go to the source of the crime.

    If a carpenter builds a crappy product and you get hurt, do you blame his HAMMER....? [stirpot]
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    The remaining 5% were sold legally through the ATF's Fast and Furious program.

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