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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Seacowboys, Nov 18, 2012.

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    I bought a selection of CB caps and sub-sonic .22 ammo and did some simple range time today. None of them would reliably cycle a semi-automatic or my full-auto. I settled on my Ruger 7722 as a test weapon, since it is bolt-action and pretty accurate. Targets were a house-cat with cross-hairs drawn on them at 30 yards. Five shot groups were fired with each variety of ammo from a bench. Control ammo was CCI Mini-mags in .22LR; covered group with a dime. Next rounds fired were Aguila Colibri .22 LR caps in . 22 LR, theses are extremely quiet, quieter than a hi-velocity through my Gemtech suppressor but the group was very erratic, at 4"...unacceptable. The Aguila Colibri have a conical bullet and do not feed well through a Ruger magazine, even bolt-action. The slug is only 20 grains and I suspect that has a lot to do with the poor performance.
    Next up was CCI .22 LR segmented hollow-points Subsonic. These are not nearly as quiet as the Colibri but managed a group that you can cover with a quarter through the 7722. They were as quiet as the Colibri when fired through the suppressor and would sometimes cycle on automatic through my Ciener .22 conversion in a M16, but not at all reliably and prone to tunnel. These bullets are 40 grain. They seemed to operate ok in my old 63 Winchester on semi-auto until the last round that I fired didn't eject completely and is now stuck inside my rifle in a most unusual way that will require complete dis-assembly to clear.
    Remington .22 LR CBs shot a slightly larger group than the CCI Subsonic rounds but were a tiny bit quieter. Still grouped around 1" with a 40 grain slug. They do not cycle reliably in any of my semi-automatics.
    My final choice was CCI .22 CB longs. They are nearly as quiet as the Aguila Colibri with a 40 grain slug, totally silent through the suppressor but you couldn't hear it from behind a corner without suppression. They function OK in the Ruger bolt gun and managed a 3/4" group.
    All rounds were fired through my Colt Woodsman with as 6" barrel, as well. The CCI Subsonic rounds would cycle reliably but are not much quieter than a standard velocity round so no advantage there. None of the other rounds would cycle reliably.
    I will set up the Chronograph later and get some data.
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    It may not seem quiet at firing position, put a microphone out 25-30 yards within 5 degrees of line of fire.
    You will seriously notice the difference from HV, Std, Subsonic and primer only rounds.

    What is most important is that your game not be able to tell that there was even a shot fired. ;)

    I wish I would have saved my test recordings from a while ago.
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    cci 22cb longs are accurate, quiet and reliable cat killers. Noisy ferel packs were seriously reduced at night in a crowded neighborhood of San Diego in years past. This was the load I cycled thru my remington 22 pump rifle with an aimpoint red dot scope to accomplish the deed. Neighbors never had a clue. Shots were from a second story bedroom window to the yard next to the street under a street light. 25 yards maybe. Usually in the wee hours of the morning. Doubled paper grocery bags and commercial dumpsters solved the disposal problem.
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    I started a thread in the recipes section in anticipation of the disposal problem.
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    A 177 pellet rifle will also limit their size and gators work well as a disposal system...
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    Yup, and I have posted replys there as well, but until post shtf cat is not on my menu. Post shtf, cat, dog, horse, donkey, and even zoo fare will be as available on the menu. I do draw the line at long pork. Long pork is for Zombies, not me or mine.
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    bwahhahaahaa, on shelves every where. Well, not in AmeriKa. Ok, maybe for an hour or so when the shipment comes in.

    Now if you have a 44mag, you are swimming in ammo. That's the only thing I've seen on the shelves at big box retailers (that sell ammo).
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    I was at the local gun show Sunday last, and was not at all surprised at how high prices were. They were astronomical as expected. Complete AR uppers were $1100 to $1800. The only firearm of any interest to me at all price wise was a Ruger P90 stainless in .45acp for $499 nib.
    22lr is really hard to find and costly. Pulled this offline tonight 01/16/2013 AmmoEngine: .22 Long Rifle, Instock For Sale Premium & Discount Ammunition, Ammo Deals
    14 listings total, all at ammobank at 14 cents to 59 cents per round. Last I bought before the Sandy Hook shooting was 3.6 cents a round.
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    my local small town hardware has had the same price on their 22lr for the past 5 years. 9cents per round. Was astronomical before. now, not so much. They don't know they are getting cleaned out on friday.
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    I thought there was supposed to be an ammo company coming out with a frangible .22lr bullet. That would be nice, but I suspect people will be calling it "untraceable" and complain or pressure the company to not sell it in the usa. Or, it could just be that they couldn't get a decent contract with Sinterfire to supply the projectiles? Who knows, I just know that I've been waiting for the last two years for them, and nobody's putting them out yet.
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    I have two .50 cal ammo cans full of loose .22LR and one of my clients gave me a case of CCI mini-mags for Christmas. Also have bricks of it stacked on shelves. I don't think I will run out of .22 any time soon unless stolen or catches fire.
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    Does anyone make a multi-cavity pellet mold for air rifles?
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