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    aardbewoner judge a human on how he act,not on look and talk.

    It looks like google is getting a mega fine in europe for forcing makers of phones who want to use android to add there bloatware if not you cant download anything google .
    What i find a great idea use what you want,now a phone who is not in use! no sim card all visible bloatware off ( you cant cant remove) looses power in 2 days just from all the crapware that runs.
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    GOOGLE needs to be broken up like the old bell system
    .......AND DOES ALMOST!
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    AI will be the end of humanity
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  5. Speaking of breaking up the "Old Bell system" . Does anyone remember that the "Old Bell system" worked better than what we have now. It was broken up so the people in power could make more money, have greater control of society, AND remove people from the payrolls. I wish I could remember the number of jobs it cost when it happened Before the break up if you had trouble you called the phone company and they fixed the trouble. If your phone stopped working you took it to the phone company and you got a new one for little or no cost. Maybe there weren't the options available then, but it worked.
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    I think Smart Phones destroyed most of society, AI will just mop up those that didn't lose their brains to the phones :)

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    If you can ROOT your phone and eliminate the bloat / bloatware.
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    The greatest loss in breaking up the Bell system was the loss of Bell Labs. They perfected the tubes used in electronics, invented a major portion of the electronic circuits, the transistor, most high frequency transmission systems, etc. That and Western Electric made and installed most of the phone equipment. All gone now for all practical purposes, as is IBM.
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  9. I worked in Montgomery Ill. for 23 years. I was there when the EPA cleaned up the old Western Electric site. They had to remove three feet of top soil over the entire site and incinerate it. Don't remember how many acres. No thought for HaxMat.
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    Old enough to remember as a kid that the school was forced to install asbestos curtains for the stage and cover the steam pipes with it to. The old steam pipes were insulated with a material that burned and there were some bad fires caused by a fire starting in the boiler room and the burning insulation spread it thru the walls etc. Went to work for Long Lines in about 1964 or so in El Paso Texas, still were lead sheathed cables and wiping the lead to waterproof the paper pairs. Never knew anyone who had lead problems from it either and some of the cables were 50 years old in the 1960's and worked very well. Had a few circuits on the old telegraph lines that were converted to phones about 1900 in southern New Mexico that had installed during the Indian wars in the 1870's..
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