Nice paracord survival rifle sling at Amazon

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by natshare, May 15, 2013.

  1. natshare

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    Just picked up one of these, recently, for the Ruger American .308 rifle I purchased. While it's likely that the sling itself is MIC (made in China), it's been modified with a paracord "pad", that contains ~25 feet of paracord, available in different colors.
    I received mine yesterday, and it's quality craftsmanship, from what I can tell. Believe it's $17.50, plus ~$5 shipping, and it was here in 4 days, via US Mail.
    Never hurts to have more paracord available, right? :cool: : 550 lb Paracord Survival 2-Point Gun/Rifle Sling-(Over 25 ft cord)-Adjustable up to 44"in Length-5 Colors-2 Sizes(1" & 1.25") : Sports & Outdoors
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  2. BTPost

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    Nice Idea.... I should get one of those for Momma's AR-10....
  3. Yard Dart

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  4. Tracy

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    Have you used it yet? Is it comfy to use with weight on it?
  5. natshare

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    Taking it to the range, this weekend, if the weather holds. Just from having it at the house, though, it seems it will be comfy enough for long-term use. I actually goofed up, when I ordered mine, and got the OD green paracord, when I wanted black. Debating whether I want to order another one in black, and use the OD green one on another rifle, or stick with it, and see if the color grows on me.
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