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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Alpha Dog, Oct 19, 2011.

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    Ordered these the other day real nice product and works well. I was kind of worried at first I use para cord and duct tape but these didn't have any glue on them and I was worried they would slip. These hold very tight no problems 3 in a pack around $11.00 after shiping the company is called mag pull. They even work on the 20round mags good.

    Magpul 5.56 NATO Standard 3 Pack


    When installed on the base of a rifle magazine, the Magpul provides unsurpassed speed and controllability during high stress, tactical magazine changes.

    Durable thermoplastic loop with recessed rough gripping surface. Quick and easy installation and removal. Patented design based upon the tried and true para-cord loops and duct-tape tabs currently in use with special warfare units worldwide.


    Made in U.S.A.

    #MAG-001-BLK Black
    #MAG-001-DE Dark Earth
    #MAG-001-FOL Foliage Green
    #MAG-001-OD Olive Drab



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  2. gunbunny

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    Yup- Magpul makes good stuff. Funny thing- I grew up being friends with the company's patent lawyer. Think I could get some freebies... NOOOO!
  3. UGRev

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    I have them on all my mags.
  4. melbo

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    If I had them on 'all my mags', it would have cost me $1,990 to do so.
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