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  1. My husband and I reside in a small town in Northern California in the foothills. About 1 hr 15 min from Reno. We've known for a very long time we want to go off-grid so are currently attempting to get a loan to buy. This is a wonderful forum, I look forward to interacting with you all. Since I work in Grass Valley, we are seeking to go offgrid in a small town up to about an hour away. Somewhere higher in elevation with many trees for cleaner air. And hopefully do it very inexpensively

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    You will get snow up there.. And Welcome to the Monkey. Somewhere around Camino?

    Oops, wrong highway... :rolleyes:
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    Welcome to this forum!
  4. Yep :) We'll have to buy a 4 wheel drive.
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  5. Hopefully Emigrant Gap or Alta. But we are also looking down hwy 20 towards Challenge, CA
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    Welcome to the monkey. Northern CA is supposed to be beautiful. How many acres are you looking for? I ask because I have seen the debate often over 5 is good, ten is better etc. I guess it depends on how you plan to be off grid. Glad you joined, look forward to reading your posts.
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    Hi. [afro]
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    Welcome to the tree.
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  11. Hi Motomom
    We are looking for at least a half acre, but one acre+ would be good. We'll have a greenhouse for growing food either area and a garden. And likely build a root cellar if we are able to move to Emigrant Gap. My preference is a cabin where we can use one of those old stoves to cook on. We used to have chickens so are looking forward to doing that again with maybe a few other barn animals. We would love an electric car but are concerned about the tracking devices so my husband is considering using an older car and we'd make our own gasoline.
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    Rule of thumb is one acre per person for veggies & animals. I'd suggest doubling that for 4-5 acres for the two of you. Also, if the economy nosedived or other disaster happened what would be the likelihood that your son (mentioned in your other thread) would join you with spouse (possibly future one) and children?

    Dip across the line in Nevada where the laws are better and land is cheaper and someplace a ways off I80.
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    Welcome to the Monkey Lisa!!
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    Welcome from the great State of Jefferson.
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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome Lisa....the girls will feel just that little less outnumbered here. What they lack in quantity (so far) is more than offset by quality! (well, enough gender sniveling from me) Enjoy your stay here Lisa.
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