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    In times past, I've seen where a low cost NOD was placed in front of a regular scope to work as a NVD rifle scope. Some Brits are using video cameras having a "night/low light level" capability connected to the back of standard scopes mounted on air rifles to shoot rats at night. These were Sony's and some others. Kinda cobbed together, but works for them. They claimed to be doing this for 200.00 or less.

    Has anyone here done this or seen such a rig? I wouldn't mind some night rat shooting myself. Suggestions?

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    Used to shoot rats at night with a lantern and a .44 Mag revolver loaded with Speer shot capsules and some #7 1/2.

    Not the most amount of fun you could have with your clothes on, but darn close.

    Sometimes the muzzle blast would blow the propane lantern out and you'd have to relight it. This was long before the days that anyone ever thought of mounting a small flashlight on a firearm.

    Night vision - interesting subject and would make for some discreet small game hunting in a SHTF scenario.

    Coupled with an air rifle you could nail cottontails almost silently, and unobserved by others who may wish to "share" in the bounty.
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    Wouldn't mind a can with night vision scope for pig hunting at night
    Both are legal down here btw.
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