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    Nightmare during katrina

    interesting firsthand thread of the typically "survivalist topic" (Prepare? I'lljust come to your house and bring my friends!)

    During Katrina he invited two to his home away from the coast. They told their friends. :unsure:

    3. Plan on needing a LOT more supplies than you think. I found myself with over 30 people on hand, many of whom were not well supplied: and the stores were swamped with literally thousands of refugees, buying up everything in sight. I had enough supplies to keep myself going for 30 days. Guess what? Those supplies ended up keeping 30-odd people going for two days. I now know that I must plan on providing for not just myself, but others in need. I could have been selfish and said "No, these are mine" - but what good would that do in a real disaster? Someone would just try to take them, and then we'd have all the resulting unpleasantness. Far better to have extra supplies to share with others, whilst keeping your own core reserve intact (and, preferably, hidden from prying eyes!).
    found in the comments sectionof bison survival blog...[own2]
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    Funny, I have been trying to get my dad and brothers into prepping for SHTF and they told me they would just come to my place. Told them they would never get here without enough extra gas but they don't seem to get it???
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    Far too many sheeple who see the trouble coming, but 'know someone' they plan to drop in on.......

    Gonna be a lot of disappointed and starving sheeple when TSHTF bigtime.........

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    Katrina was a shtf event with the leo infrastructure still basically intact(at least coming out the backside) so all the "me and mine first argue over this hail of boattail spitzers" ( Ive got a shovel anda back"40") stuff really won't apply...(i.e.not exactly madmax free fire zones..)
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    My extended family has been compelled towards assisting with preparations in the Seacowboys household. There is a list of items that are labeled "Mandatory" posted on the fridge for each trip to the store. There are A-level items (one purchase per trip), B-level (two purchases per trip) and C-level (six per trip) and we all must select either an A, B, or C item for each trip to the store or pay a fuel penalty of ten bucks to the general preps box. This has made it easier to stock-pile foods and such and also had the added bonus of making everybody think before rushing to the market for craved ice-cream bar or a six-pack of beer.
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    Nice idea there Sea, I may have to "borrow" it. Care to post some of your "A","B", & "C" items (I know they will be different for everybody).

    And the FEW people that know that we prep for emergencies also know that when they say "i'm coming to your house..." I always respond with "and what can you bring that will help both of us/both families". There are no "free rides" in my house. There are exceptions to that rule. My neighbor would not be turned away. She's in her mid 60's, bad heart, bad knees, family lives out of town, and currently has a broken arm. But she does bring knowledge to the game, so that counts for something in my book
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    +1 -- a sample list would be an immense help...

    This is a great idea!
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    Re: Nightmare during katrina

    I say come on over the dogs ought to be good and hungry by the time they get here. [stirpot]

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