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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Disciple, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Disciple

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    Has anyone at least put a thought to purchasing some form of nightvision scope for use during the proverbial shtf scenario? I mean when is the best time to pull an attack off on someone whom is a prepper?
    At night. when they think we are bedded down, a low light or no light situation where it is very hard to see. So my thoughts are if you have a chance at stopping them at all you have a great shot at stopping them with a nightvision scope on your rifle. Let me hear your thoughts on this.
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    Nightvision technology is all well and good, but if EMP was part of the SHTF Senerio, and yours weren't protected, then likely they will be toast. Yes, Bad Guys will be sneaking around, but that is why you need a group, and a Night Watch.... and they will have the same problem as you have, Not being able to see in the dark. A good set of tripwires, and early warning signals can do a lot to defend against these sneaky dudes.....
  3. Disciple

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    more like tripwires attached to claymore mines.
  4. jim2

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    Dogs are good too. I seem to remember someone mentioning de-barked Chiuahuahs, but don't remember who. {;^)

    Somewhere there is a smallish IR scope that can be placed in front of a regular scope, especially on a picatinny rail that is supposed to work, but I know nothing of that. Has anyone else heard of it?

  5. Disciple

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    Atn has that scope add-on. As far as the Emp goes if an Emp was let loose all the electronics within a certain range would be disabled also......So I usually discount EMP talk. So if we take the possibility of emp out of the equation I think a cheaper night vision scope could be helpful But I don't want to totally discount BT's argument.
    He does know a few things the rest of us don't...........So If there were an emp to be let off you are royally screwed, but if not we are all going to be ok. But in the case of an emp would it not make some sence to have something that would block EMP ?
    and if there is what would it be?
  6. BTPost

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    EMP is largely a theoretical concern, as there hasn't been above ground Nuclear Testing since the 60's, and the only REAL Data was from the Hydrogen Bomb Tests in the Pacific, taking out SOME, but not by any means, ALL of the electronics in Hawaii. Thus EMP is a know issue, but most of the actual REAL data is over 40 years old, and even the best computer models, are not very helpful, about just how, and at what distances, from the event, can, or would, certainly cause modern micro-electronics to fail. The Military have designs that they believe are EMP Protected, but since they have never been exposed to a REAL EMP Event, no one really knows for sure. In all the research I have seen, from the Feds, for protecting current Government Equipment, the only sure protection is sealed in Conductive Mylar Bags and buried under 6" of compact dirt. EMP does NOT propagate thru Dirt, and is basically a Wide Band RF Skin Effect phenomenon, much like GIANT Lightning, only more generalized and not limited to a single discharge path, like lightning.

    As for Falcon15's concerns, I am speaking of Nuclear Generated EMP, in the above, Not Sun generated Auroral Events, which are really a different type of Event, although the effects are similar, and the protection from, is similar as well.
  7. Seacowboys

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    I have a night vision device for our crew-served weapon. Also have night-vision and IR for more up front and personal.
  8. padkychas

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    the EMP threat is more of a problem with things that have power or data cables attached, they create a long antenna that brings in the EMP induced electrical pulse into the device, other electrical and electronic devices that do not have wires connected have a much lower probability of damage.

    I have have a 2+ gen rifle scope and what I now know, I would have bought the 3rd gen monocular and the NV compatible EOTEC first.
    It is very hard to move with the NV rifle scope and not trip over every thing with out a head mount NV unit.
    Later I did buy the 3rd gen monocular with a helmet mount and NV compatible EOTECH I am very happy with how well it works.
  9. Brokor

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    Smart man. And for others to know, don't waste money on Yukon or other affordable NVG's. Save up for a pair of 7's or 14's, military that is...or something comparable.

    If you want to own a set of nightvision.

    As far as scopes are concerned, well I only know about the military types, so I am not much help there.
  10. Joseph Thomas

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    I can only say what works for me. MILSPEC PVS-14 with NV compatible Eotech. Makes it totally a bad night if your in my AO with bad intentions.
  11. Brokor

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  12. brotherpoop

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    I hunt varmints at night over bait. I use a Schmidt and Bender 8x with a 56mm objective. I thought about night vision but decided against it since my concern was in SHTF how do I fix it years down the road.


    I do use a cheap Walmart night owl monocular for initial viewing Night Owl Optics 5X Monocular: Hunting and once they are out there I switch to the rifle.

    I've found the best shooting is over snow with no moon since it casts confusing shadows. I shoot out to 100 yards, but the S/B scope can see out much farther. What makes the S/B work is it has an extremely heavy outer crosshair to silhouette the animal. I tried the Leupold 6x with heavy crosshair but you need the bigger objective and really heavy crosshair. The extremly heavy crosshair is a must!!
  13. Falcon15

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    EMP is not theoretical, it actually can and will happen without the detonation of a nuclear device. There is a rather lengthy and well researched article from 1999 that was in the Washington Post here.

    A small excerpt:
    Typically the solar cycle is 11-12 years. The last major activity was around 2000. Hmmm 11 to 12 years puts it around 2011 or 2012.

    Technology - any technology - that relies heavily on microelectronics is sensitive to the cyclical power created by the electrical byproduct of a solar coronal mass striking the earth.

    Just some food for thought. Here is a really good source about protecting against EMP can be found all over the internet, but I particularly like the information here.
  14. Disciple

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    Excellant article Falcon....exactly what we could do to protect electronic equipment from EMP.
  15. Falcon15

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    It does take a lot of complication out of the prep, I know a Faraday Cage can sound intimidating, but it could be as simple as a tin-foil covered (well sealed) box.
  16. Brokor

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    As he said, we have threads here at the Survivalmonkey on this subject already. ;)
  17. Disciple

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    I guess i just havent found them yet lol.
  18. Falcon15

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  19. Disciple

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    Thank you falcon
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