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    Never thought I would ever write a review on noodles. But these were really good. Wasn't sure where to post this, so if this isn't the place for the review, feel free to move it.

    That box from Costco comes with eight packets of dried noodles with the soup base. One part it dry, the other is an oil. And like I said, they are tasty. My wife and daughter tried a sample and thought it was good, so they brought some home. These packets are small and light weight. Perfect to through in a pack.

    The instructions call for the soup base to be put in a bowl and hot water added. But I don't follow directions very well. So I made it my way. I boil water, add smoked pork and the soup base along with a splash of sesame oil. When it's boiling away, I add the dry noodles.

    My daughter likes it plain. I garnish mine with green onions and togarashi (Japanese chili pepper flakes). When plain, it is milky color. When the smoked pork becomes part of the broth, it is browner. But we like the tonkotsu flavor a lot. It was cold (I know I live in Hawaii, but it is a relative cold. Not like my sister's snow in Colorado cold.) and wet and windy, so soupy was good.

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    Are these noodles something that could go in short term storage? I think every prepper has Ramen which is gross IMO. I would love to find a quick better alternative to Ramen to have in food storage that the kids would enjoy.
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    Moved. They look really good!
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    Almost a PHO type soup, looks and sounds really good, thanks for the heads up! Now to see if my Costco has it and some hoaiusn sauce to go with!
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    I like to eat dry ramen like potato chips sometimes, might try these.
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    Depends on what short term means to you. It would easily keep for a few months, I think.
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    omg! he's back with more food pics... this makes me happy ! thy @Hanzo for posting food again, i have missed your blog
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    Aloha @Ganado!
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