Niu shooter considered "progressive(i.e.liberal)

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    Credit talk radio for mentioning this:,
    Niu Shooter was not a crazy "right wing gun nut" but a "PROGRESSIVE":
    ODO: “In any case, his political alignment means nothing; correlation does not imply causation. Also, the man had recently stopped taking medication, likely prescribed for a significant psychological problem. Nothing to see here!”
    No, there is, in fact, something to see here. Had this particular killer been a supporter of the Second Amendment, a member of the Young Republicans and an Evangelical Christian, there can be little doubt that you and the mainstream media would find much correlation to comment on. It isn’t so much that moonbats shoot and kill people often that makes this interesting. No, the salient aspect of this is how liberals see 100% correlation between crime and political views whenever a conservative goes bad and 0% correlation when the crime is committed by one of their own.
    What is worth seeing is the hypocrisy of liberals who blame the political views of conservatives for any and all crime but who are today bending over backward to apologize for a fellow moonbat.

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  2. BigO01

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    Love what is there from readers , that a parent called the guns used "Weapons of mass destruction"

    I wonder what they would call it if one of these sicko's was truly creative and used a wrecking ball .

    I have often seen demolition with a wrecking ball being done in a city in which the Ball could easily reach nearby buildings if the operator wanted too .

    Imagine the damage they could do with one of those to a few full high rise business buildings rather than playing with some pethetic gun .
  3. ghrit

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    I wonder how one might obtain a concealed wrecking ball permit.

    But seriously, crane operators get thoroughly trained before they are permitted to operate the machines. Even those jurisdictions that require completion of training courses before issuance of a CCW do not require that level of training. And in any case, it is not too difficult to obtain a gun with no training at all.
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    Quite true Ghirt but I wasn't thinking of the operator or even necessarily a wrecking ball , but simply any one of many pieces of heavy equipment that are sitting around construction sites that could be used for mayhem by a mad man .

    Recently it is the popular thing to do to commit a robbery of a gun store for them to first steal a dump truck and then ram a hole in the building .

    If the driver were just bent on death and destruction he could skip the robbery and ram homes , school busses , or even plunge into a traffic jam at a high rate of speed .

    The wrecking ball would be ideal though if you think about it , and I doubt they need all the training to start the ball swing haphazardly in just any direction . After all , the training they receive is to prevent an Operator from hitting the wrong building in a crowded environment .
  5. ghrit

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    I was mostly playing the fool with the CWB (Concealed Wrecking Ball) permit idea. The rest of it was pedantic, and I apologize for it. Your point is well taken about some fruitcake affected by the phase of the moon somehow finding the murphy switch on any given piece of equipment and running it into something. Witness the tank that got loose from a National Guard armory some years ago. It is not unheard of for vandals to get into equipment yards and run bulldozers and other equipment into things. There was such a case a couple years ago where the "vandals" ruined nearly a million dollars worth of backhoes and cats. I guess I am less concerned about that sort of demolition than I am with easily portable weapons (guns, swords, knives and the like.)

    I would not be too surprised to learn that the ratio of gun crime to equipment crime is about the same as the ratio of those that can operate them. The 'cakes exist in all areas of expertise, I think. Might also add that training might well reduce both weapon and equipment problems.
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    I hate to disagree, but it was a Monkey who suggested he was probably a liberal... ;)

    I stand by that.
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    Can't really argue with you there [dunno]must've slipped my mind...[beer][beer]you called it right :shock:
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    and I'd like to follow that up by predicting... war, famine, and taxes [lolol]
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