NJ residents...get $100 for ....

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jan 13, 2012.

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    As the economy continues to go to hell the sheeple will do whatever they can to make money. The ones that really scare me are the douchebags, like on craigslist, that flag posts (basically turn you in) for no monetary gain at all and just do it for the power of being able to.
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    There are legal (but decidedly nasty and unethical ways) to punish that nosey neighbor who screws you over. I can be a very good neighbor and friend, and help the others in the 'hood.
    Or I can be their worst nightmare - their choice.
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    Those people in the big cities made their beds a long time ago they put these tards in power so they get what they get. I just can't feel sorry for them most of the people that live in those places feel the same way this a$$ clown does about guns. Here in Alabama it's easy to tell if there is a gun in the house if the house is not vacant most likely it has a gun in it.
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    Say what MM...?? What's the story on this ? Or is this a different thread...Since i troll craigslist looking at tractor's and silver...

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    Just to be absolutely clear - at the very end of the video by the Dishonorable Mayor of Newark, he specifies "illegal" guns. Problem is, there is no way for your "neighbor" to know whether or not the gun you bought is legally owned. In this case, it sounds like the police will most likely be issued a no-knock warrant, bust down your door, shoot your dog, maybe your grandma, then arrest you and confiscate all your firearms. The "neighbor" gets their pay-off by being told some digits when they drop the tip-off. They then go to any bank, present those digits and get handed 1000 FRNs.

    According to the Dishonorable Mayor, there does not need to be a conviction. Simply give them any information that leads to an arrest and you get 1000 smackers. You, the "criminal" a person with an arrest record now, will find the burden of proof sitting squarely on your shoulders. You also have an arrest on your record, which can hurt your chances for employment, your ability to legally obtain a passport, your ability to travel on an airplane, heck even your ability to purchase any more firearms. Oh, and good luck getting your guns back from the police and the court system, of New Jersey. The place is like a black hole. Not even light can escape it. Guilty until proven innocent.

    This smacks of a program that can be abused and definitely used against law-abiding persons. This also smacks of Hitler's Germany, where your own children would inform on you if you spoke out against the government in your own home.

    I don't like it and thank the Lord I escaped New Jersey in '79. YMMV.
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    You need to read my post again. I look at craigslist everyday and I'm not talking about the people that go on there. I'm talking about the people that police it and are flagging posts to be deleted for free. Was trying to make an analogy that most of us could relate to: CL idiots police the site for free, so offer the same type of people $1K to turn you in for guns and your screwed.
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    Meh...I thought everyone in Jersey looked like dis...
    Colored me suprised...!!!
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    You know MM..I have never noticed that about the ''flaggers''Tks for the heads up...
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