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    Caveat: I have made little effort trying to hide my virulent disgust of so called leftists and " Progressives" tearing apart our country.

    Following the North korean devaluation thread on Denniger's "market watch" forum I came upon these pictures in a post. Pictures of young and old alike suffering mandatory "training" lectures in sub zero weather to turn the individual in to a part of the collectivist hive state.

    Here's your"worker's paradise" in the real world:

    Well, that and a multi-generational lack of any permissible independent thought. The Korean people are subjected to one of the most draconian brainwashing environments ever known in human history.

    The ancient principal of 'Juche' is drummed into them from birth do death in many flavored forms. The concept of self-reliance is the core of theme but plays out very much the opposite in practice, for the country is dependent on international aid for just about everything. The Juche outlook requires absolute loyalty to the revolutionary party and leader. In North Korea, these are the Workers' Party of Korea and Kim Jong-il, respectively. Both father Kim and Son are treated as god-like cult of personalities.
    But, here's the kicker. For their failures to achieve 'Juche', the Korean people are themselves blamed individually and personally for their failure to deliver on the ruling parties dictates with horrendous, violent, repressive and deadly discipline as the price to pay.

    Dictates that are doled out through mandatory 'education' sessions conducted hour following hour rain or shine including sub-zero temperatures in massive outdoor stand-at-attention lectures. These people are literally transformed into living and breathing vacant eyed robots.

    The images below are daily staples from North Koreas KCTV State Television. They are both overt and covert mind control. The least of the unspoken statements in the composition of the stories is this: Individuals you ARE NOT, part of the mass controlled state mechanism YOU ARE.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We can only hope this is what it only appears on the surface but who knows. You cannot have anything but deep sadness when you witness elderly Koreans struggling to remain standing upright in below zero weather for endless hours while being lectured ad nauseum and having their mind shaped according to the state's requirements. Much is still unknown about how they privately think except for small tidbits that leak out on occasion. I'll spare you the rest of the horrendous and mind-numbing story of North Korea, but leave you with this telling statement about the mindset that pervades the society. This, by a North Korean Military officer, delivered upon his defection to the South:

    He explains how he had believed this treatment was justified. 'At the time I felt that they thoroughly deserved such a death. Because all of us were led to believe that all the bad things that were happening to North Korea were their fault; that we were poor, divided and not making progress as a country. 'It would be a total lie for me to say I feel sympathetic about the children dying such a painful death. Under the society and the regime I was in at the time, I only felt that they were the enemies. So I felt no sympathy or pity for them at all.'

    This as a followup to describing the horrors he witnessed:

    'I witnessed a whole family being tested on suffocating gas and dying in the gas chamber,' he said. 'The parents, son and and a daughter. The parents were vomiting and dying, but till the very last moment they tried to save kids by doing mouth-to-mouth breathing.'


    And now, the ruling powers have taken nearly all of their money away and possibly sentenced the entire country to yet another round of mass starvation wereas millions have been estimated to have died this way in the last few decades.

    Just how much can a country endure?

    North Korea is silent testimony to just how much. <table><tbody><tr> </tr></tbody></table>
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    "YES WE CAN"! (??????)

    I for one will not go gracefully into the arms of a nurturing "progressive state."[flag]

    Nor will I buy into the slick rationale for such...

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    Ah yes, the slow, incremental march toward starvation and despotism. And how the People do love it.

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