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    Maybe old but I have made up dog tags and Velcro tags for my family with immediate med information.

    NKA No Known allergies.
    Blood type A+
    Missing organs, I have a few:)
    And DL numbers so they know who we are.

    Other important information that are the first thing medical personnel will ask if you are conscious they will confirm but if you are not conscious they have a starting point.

    If you have the same thing what do you have on your tags?
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    I do not have tags but I really like the idea. I understand why you didn't use SS# and decided on DL#. But what about those too young to drive. What could be used?
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  3. HK_User

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    Parents' DL#
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    I like and use the concept, but a tag would not be big enough. We have a vanilla envelope that travels everywhere we do. It lists all of my wife's medical issues, drugs, amounts, schedules, difucult airway to intabate, (sp)?), what drugs are a problem and to be avoided and why.
    It is updated every time there is a major change, and is backed up with a medical USB thumb drive, prepped and ready to insert directly into the hospital's computer system. It speaks for her, if she can not.
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    What we have three tags per person with silencers with a name on each tag with spread over the others some duplicated brief medical, blood type, address, DL, phone numbers and ham call signs along with a metal cased 8 GB thumb drive.

    There was a guy in town who made tags but is no loner in business if I find a one where I can be on site when the tags are made I may have on with SSN's made up.
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    Good idea.

    Slightly OT but along the same lines.
    I was sort of doing this with a USB stick until TrueCrypt became untrusted.
    Had part of the stick in the clear and the other part in a hidden container.

    The color scans included basically every card in our wallets: Bank cards, Insurance cards, passports, drivers license, ccw, birth certificates, etc. There was also a file called 'cards_to_cancel.txt' which had bank account numbers and the phone numbers to cancel them (without expiration or security code listed). The files in the clear would be for if I were unconscious and needed medical attention and family contact. The protected files contained information that I might need should my wallet become lost or stolen. The stick was an IronKey and since it would self destruct after 10 incorrect password attempt, I was able to keep this password relatively small and easy to remember. I also had portable appilcations on the stick so that I could access whatever I needed from anywhere, including the public library.

    There were also files called EMERGENCY and MEDICAL with contents something like this: (in English, Spanish, Chinese and French)

    First, Middle, Last name
    US Passport #

    Please contact these people
    Por favor, póngase en contacto con estas personas
    S'il vous plaît communiquer avec ces personnes


    and the MEDICAL file contained scans of all insurance cards and the following:
    I have Insurance - Tengo Seguros - 我有保险 - J'ai l'assurance
    US Passport #

    No Allergies - No Alergias -无过敏 - Pas allergies

    Medical – medico - 医 – medical - Blood Type A+
    <picture of insurance card>

    Dental – dentista - 牙科医生 - dentiste
    <picture of insurance card>

    Vision – visión - 视力 – vision

    <picture of insurance card>

    No Allergies - No Alergias -无过敏 - Pas allergies

    I found a couple of issues with this system. The first was that my scans contained multiple cards with variable expiration dates making it a chore to maintain. This system was also reliant on a working computer to access the information although my premise was that this would be used when traveling, possibly to foreign countries, and that any medical facility would be able to read the USB stick. It was also a challenge keeping my stick, my wife's stick, our spare stick and my pc backup synchronized.

    I need to reevaluate this and come up with a solution but have begun using KeePass (or KeePassX) in much the same way although it would be of little use should I be unconscious. In addition to username and passwd combos, KeePass also allows you to attach files to each database entry (also notes, URLs and more). I now have each individual important card as a separate KeePass entry. If I were traveling and lost my wallet and/or PC, I could still access everything.
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    A slightly different thought: Have some business sized cards made with contact info and medical data such as meds and allergies printed up and put them in wallets, with passports, with auto registrations and the like. (No need for computer access that way if you just happen to be in the toolies or West Guiana when something happens.) I have that type of data printed out and stuck in obvious locations in the house, like with the phones.

    Blood type really isn't needed these days, there are universal solutions that work more than well enough for type and cross matching to be done "while waiting."
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  8. stg58

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    Then again given a chance .gov would like a subdural RFID chip and bar code on everyone.
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