NM governor: make electricity unaffordable

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by oil pan 4, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. oil pan 4

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    Well their stupidity knows no bounds.
    The NM governor (a lawyer not aby kind of engineer or anything useful to society) signed the green energy law. It mandates that NM make 80% of its electricity from renewables by 2030.
    Well I can't afford the unlimited stupidity of our kick back giving government to do this.
    I don't think they have any comprehension of how much other people's money it will take to do this. I don't think they really care either.
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    [banghead] [banghead] :( :( :mad: :mad: :( :(
  3. HK_User

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    Renewable? Did he define what that might be?
  4. sec_monkey

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    (y) (y) Sir HK

    Our definition of renewable is real real different from the politician definition of renewable.

    aint sayn nothin but green energy aint so green
  5. chelloveck

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    Apparently the unlimited stupidity of kick-back giving governments kowtowing to fossil fuel lobbyists and interests is quite ok....the bill for those costs will be paid for by future generations after the present generation is long gone.

    New Mexico will be the third US state to go 100% renewable
  6. Gator 45/70

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    Oil Pan 4's renewable energy service....Do that to start a business, Write it off for 3 years and have your panels and battery's bought and installed by then.......Tell the .Gov your in compliance!
  7. oil pan 4

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    Probably not coal.
    Wind power is fine for peaking loads. I don't know of any substantial price increases that accompanied wind power.
    All the ads selling it saw showed lots of solar panels, which never work at night, obviously.
    Over the water wind power can still function well into the evening, but NM is land locked and the US has effectively 0 over the water wind power.
    Nuclear technically isn't renewable, but it's almost unlimited.
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  8. oil pan 4

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    New mexico is about the 5th poorest state in the union. 1 in 4 households in NM were behind on their power bill last year, 1 in 7 received a disconnection notice. This isn't helping.
    Education is in the bottom 5 most years.
    And they pick this?
    Guess they just gave up on people being poor and kids being stupid.
    It's more useful idiot boundless optimism.

    It doesn't effect me I secured $0.17 cents a watt poly solar panels.
    It doesn't hurt people with means and money such as my self.
    Maybe it will drive some of the illegals away.
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  9. Zimmy

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    Manufacturers of the new huge industrial battery banks and solar units will be the ones to watch.

    I THINK it's doable and I THINK it's smart but I KNOW I'm glad another state is working out the bugs instead of Texas.
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  10. oil pan 4

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    Tesla can build grid size batteries for around $110,000 per mega watt hour.
    Then that would have to be scaled up by thousands of times to replace 1 natural gas plant running at night.
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  11. BTPost

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    A Battery Plant does NOT generate Electricity.... A Battery Plant only stores Electricity pumped into it, and then returns just a percentage of that to the load... So it really doesn’t matter what the Tesla Corp can build for a Battery... It only matters where the Energy comes from...
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  12. duane

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    It has nothing to do with renewable resources and everything to do with their agenda. We have not been able to get off shore wind in New England for at least the last 20 years, they are taking out power dams that have been in that site since the 1700's, They will not allow a connector to bring Canadian Hydro into New Hampshire by running less than a hundred miles of line along a major road, nor build wind turbines because they kill birds and are unsightly. Instead I see panels on roofs that only get 50 % sun, face east instead of south, and towns etc building megawatt solar sites that are snow covered part of the year.
  13. Wildbilly

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    Like so many laws that mandate a problem must be solved by some future date (2030-- 11 years hence), if they can do it they will and if they can't they will postpone it for 10 more years. The governor will be long gone and the voters will not remember.
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  14. oil pan 4

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    This governor is likely 1 term.
    She vetoed the teacher pay raise, she had massive teacher union support. Signed every tax increase so far.
    So far she has blown the rainy day fund, burned the teachers union and raised taxes.
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  15. arleigh

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    I didn't have a lot off money when I got started building my system,
    With a tax return we bought our first compact computer and with that bought a gel cell battery and an inverter and I used my battery charger to maintain the battery.
    I bought a used solar panel at the swap meet and added that to the charging . Over time I bought several used panels and added more batteries . My job at the time I was making $9. an hour as a boat mechanic .really cheap wages for the responsibility but it was a resort they could get away with it .
    That with a wife and 2 kids to support , I was not rolling in dough .
    Those used panels are still working and that was 40+ years ago ..I built a shop trailer and built the solar on it, so if/when I move it goes with me .
    Doing nothing, get's you nothing.
    While living alone my electric bill is about $25-$45. a month mostly due to machinery I use .my lights are all free. , and being LED some run 24/7 .
    My system is a battery bank primarily, If I did not have solar I would still have the battery bank and inverters because they protect my electronics and makes me impervious to the grid failures .
    Point is, I built my system a little at a time, and as I come across deals on solar panels I get them and put them away .
    Battery systems are improving all the time and it is finally getting through to engineering in the world that batteries are the way to go for the future but the point is those that will spend something to learn and do will be ahead of those that did nothing.
    My brother the skeptic still pays over a hundred a month for electric power. And he made significantly more money than I did. but making big money makes it easy to simply pay the bill rather then look toward the future when things go wrong and the big money is no longer there.
  16. Zimmy

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    Right, it's the new big thing in areas full of solar and wind power. Even with transformer degradation and battery cell losses, this can be that stopgap solution to reinforce output to the grid in generation lag periods. Makes sense to me.
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  17. oil pan 4

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    One of the state senators I believe it was told reporters Thursday "we have already spent the (1.2 billion dollar) surplus".
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  18. sec_monkey

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    [beat] [beat]
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