No discussion on the north american union??

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    [tinfoil101][tinfoil101]To watch our old "buddies" alex jones or CNN's lou dobbs,Kieth Olberman we are seeing (in the coming north american union) certainly the end of the United States we were all born into.
    I mostly have a problem with how it was done, seemingly on the sly by giving the executive the power to negotiate and sign trade agreements quickly ( fast tracking") without involving congress, then ensuring international trade agreements supercede the sureme law of the land (constitution)..thereby making nafta the north american union both legal and unchallengable.
    Doesn't seem to be much interest in this situation here. site claims american sovereignty will not be affected( of course they do).. Am I'm parroting Alex Jones and following too far too fast over the edge.
    Is this the end of the u.s. as we know it???
    Do you believe the reassurrances this is just good business for everyone.?
    There was a video of a bunch of texans up in arms worried about losing alot of land to emminent domain for this new 1200 ft wide nafta corridor.( the video in no longer available ???)
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