No equal protection under the law

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    “If a man wears one mask in public, and another in private, he will soon forget which one is real.” - Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlett Letter

    Obama's abortion absolutism and the 1st Amendment | Campaign 2012

    Obama's ideology is affecting which laws he is choosing to enforce instead of enforcing laws equally as laid out in the 14th Amendment.
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    murder is murder and all murderers should be treated the same
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    Comrade obama has always been about the 'Smoke&Mirrors', all through his career. He says what the people want to hear, to get their votes, then works to further his Masters' agenda.
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    The agenda is fill their pockets as they passed moon bat regulations which have strangled our economy and driven our industries overseas.
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    Again when it comes to this kind of thing I'd rather stay out of other people's business. If someone disagrees with abortion, don't have one. Send money to charities that give young women a good viable choice other than abortion or poverty. (seeing as our society is currently set up to funnel single unwed mothers onto welfare instead of encouraging them to give the baby up for adoption.)

    We have been foster parents for years. To see what happens to some of these kids from unfit parents is a crying shame. There are worse fates than abortion.
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    My intention wasn't to start an 'abortion' debate. Rather to point out the Kenyan picks and chooses which laws he wants to enforce. ...doesn't want to prosecute Black Panthers for intimidation during election, gives amnesty to illegals, doesn't deport his uncle, .... the list goes on. But, he comes down hard on things his ideology is opposed to: AZ immigration enforcement for example.

    My only comment on the abortion issue is: have you ever noticed how a libtard will actually fight over some woman's freedom to choose to have her baby vacuumed out of her womb, but in the very next breath, will scream that you shouldn't have the freedom to choose to eat french fries, or smoke?

    Michelle Obama to join Olive Garden announcement -
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    That whole crusade against certain foods is seriously starting to piss me off! I like the taste of french fries and I'm not over weight. Its called moderation and personal responsibility people...
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