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    This comes to light today. A move to make everyone on the "No Fly" list inelegible to own firearms.

    A recording has emerged of Obama's chief of staff, perhaps the second most powerful man in the White House, seeking to make the secret No-Fly List a gun-rights denial list

    Instituted "for security purposes," people are added to this list with no trial, no hearing prior to listing, no warning, and no due process or defined method for getting off the list. It is managed by unelected and unnamed bureaucrats, and your right to travel freely is denied once you're on. Emanuel's proposal is to make anyone on the list a prohibited possessor under federal law, what Sarah Brady calls, "potential terrorists," with vigorous backing from her tiny but loud group.

    No doubt the list includes some legitimate suspects, but since everyone goes through (supposedly) thorough screening before boarding a plane, the purpose of the travel ban is unclear. If the suspects are actually up to something, more needs to be done than merely preventing them from traveling by air. As with many elements of the new U.S. "security environment," the parts don't add up, and the control of the public appears to vastly outweigh the effects on true enemies.

    The real risk lies in using the list, which no one in the public can see, to add people and deny their Second Amendment rights without cause or due process. Wikipedia estimates the number of people on the list as somewhere between 2,500 and one million, and growing. No Fly List - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    The lamestream media told you:
    Proving he's a bipartisan uniter and nearly mystical leader of legendary proportion, Barack Obama is considering naming a third Republican to his cabinet, as Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) for Commerce Secretary, Virtually without precedent, Obama will be the first president to extend such an open hand to the opposition party in a long long time.

    The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
    In an extraordinarily savvy political maneuver, newly installed president Obama has offered a cabinet seat to republican senator Judd Gregg, which would allow the democrat governor of New Hampshire to fill the vacated seat with a democrat, tipping the Senate balance to a filibuster-proof 60-seat democrat majority.

    If senator Gregg accepts the bribe of gaining higher office without the hassle of an election, the ability of pro-rights forces on the gun issue -- in fact any contrary position to the far left agenda of the sitting president -- would be virtually wiped out. Anti-freedom gun bills, which the president and his allies have loudly and flagrantly promoted despite their gross unconstitutionality, could move through the legislature without any meaningful legal opposition.

    Gun owners are reportedly massing in local and national gun-rights groups (listed here, preparing for whatever sort of fight may be needed to restore balance, and protect their 217-year-old uninfringeable rights.

    In my home state of Arizona, both the Arizona Citizens Defense League
    and the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Assn. (
    report a flood of new memberships, and especially important, volunteers to work the gun shows and other events. Now's the time folks. Join your national groups as well
    (recently expanded list).

    Although Mr. Gregg has paid lip service to the idea that he won't abdicate the seat he was elected to, without assurance that New Hampshire will appoint (not elect) another republican, there is no way he can guarantee that, or prevent appointment of some mealy mouthed, squishy, compromising quisling of a bottom-feeding democrat maggot in republican clothing, something we already have way too many of.
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