No food = societial breakdown in three days

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by Legion489, Jan 22, 2016.

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    "Concerned shoppers worried about spending days snowed indoors have hit grocery stores hard leaving empty shelves in their wake, hours before a massive snowstorm is due for the northeastern United States. A few inches of snow have already piled up in places like Washington DC causing havoc, but forecasters predict Winter Storm Jonas could be a “historic storm” that will bring 50 to 60mph winds and more than two feet of snow."

    Hell, I don't know why they are worried about having food.
    If the storm is as bad as all that 95% of them won't have the power to use their electric stove to cook the food with.
  3. T. Riley

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    Millions will starve to death believing the stores will open again any day and they will be able to once again go get a $7 latte at Starbucks.
  4. chelloveck

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    It probably explains why snack food and confectionary are high priority panic buying items.

    Hollywood shoppers doing their panic buying...... ;)
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  5. UncleMorgan

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    Yes. When the global infrastructure collapses, and food deliveries stop entirely, the average panic shopper will spend his money on beer, cigarettes, and potato chips. And maybe some Slim Jims.
  6. Yard Dart

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    They say that this one storm will affect 50 to 85 million folks....... just imagine how many would not make it if the real SHTF.
    Most of them....... talk about the diseases that would run rampant with that many dead corpses. Keep that in mind when you are planning your emergency medical supplies..... disease prevention will be a major issue.
  7. duane

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    For a prepper the problem is the shear mass of the sheeple. Live in a small unprepared semi rural area in New Hampshire about 60 miles from Boston. Population of the area "town" is about 5,000 and there is no town center as you would know it. No major grocery, drug, hardware, gas station, medical center or other modern large source of stored things if TSHTF, we go to stores out of town for all those items. The state as a whole imports 100 % of its petro fuels, 98 % of its food, 100 % of its medical supplies, 100 % of its clothing and shoes, 100 % of its iron, cement, plastics and most of everything else it needs. We had a major ice storm a few years ago and lost electric power, I was out 13 days, and although it was very localized, less than 20 mile wide band and less than 100 miles long, for the worst, the local area collapsed in about 3 days. Neighbors were in shelters as they had no heat or water, gas for generators and cars was unavailable, generators were unavailable, and the line crew that restored my power was from Quebec Canada.
    The wife and I had food, heat with wood, had a back up source of water, had fuel for our cars and generator, and were able to suffer through it with a warm house, running hot and cold water, flush toilets, lights, car to go to work after day 3 and a job to go to outside the ice storm area and the ability to buy most of the things we needed. Gas, food, chainsaw parts, hardware and electrical needs and so on. Our biggest problem was that the ice cream in the freezer got soft, and that in a few more days we would have had to either can or use what was in the freezer. Lesson I learned was that prepping was a top secret project and that I wouldn't have survived if it had been a SHTF event. My lights, wood smoke, car tracks in the snow, watching and later leaving neighbors could see what I had and knew were I lived, after living 200 feet from me for 15 years and going to the same church and his wife and mine walking most mornings, my unprepared neighbor could of came to my house if the local schools and firehouse hadn't been available, or the town might have "assigned" me to care for him. If my wife and I had food stocked for 3 years, a greenhouse, and gardens, fuel for our generator for 6 months, solar backup etc, it would seem we were prepared, but our food ,if "shared", would feed the whole town about 1 meal, and most wold complain about it being grains instead of meat. Our fuel storage wouldn't even fill all of the cars once, and our wood storage wouldn't even heat the homes for 1 day, no wood stoves for most people or wood for most of the stoves. I don't know of any way to handle a true SHTF widespread event and at 78 bug out isn't a good option. My wife's medicines, even with all we can store, will last less than 6 months, and then things don't look good. Our preps are for being as self contained and comfortable as we can be and surviving as best we can. Long term survival, food, energy, clothing, housing, and such in semi rural New England is not going to happen. The shear mass of the sheeple and its system of government with its God given rights to food, shelter, etc will divide up the resources, disarm the people, prevent local defense, and it is almost a certain thing that you will either be destroyed by either mobs of looters, gangs, the government, or your starving neighbors. I have little hope of making it through the SHTF and surviving until I can live off my gardens etc. Any quiet talk with my neighbors has one of two answers, you are a crazy hoarding survivalist, or I have a place in Michigan or Tennessee that I am going to. If your OPSEC is good enough you might survive in a stealth mode, but long term survival in the sense that you could in a more remote area is not possible.
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    @duane that's a tough situation to be in. The climate where I am is not as severe as where you are fortunately for me and mine. Life in a SHTF environment would still be a challenge, but the potential for self sufficiency is much better. The only down side is that I would be defending my holding with sling shots and spit balls. ;)
  9. oldawg

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    Aw c'mon Chell, You telling us you didn't manage to "appropriate" even one of those mortars and a few dozens of rounds? Oh right, sorry, OPSEC Opsec, opsec!
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  10. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

    @ duane: Thank you for a monumentally important post. It's one every prepper should read and think seriously about.

    Those who live in a fundamentally unsurviveable location should get out immediately--if they can.
    Robert Heinlein wrote a short story about a guy who learned the Russians had developed the ability to nuke the city he lived in. The instant he heard the news the guy got out of Dodge. Didn't stop for anything. He was maybe fifty miles out when the mushroom cloud went up behind him.

    Whatever their location, a person should try to make sure their preps cannot be stolen or confiscated. OPSEC is the pinnacle survival skill.

    If at all possible, a person should group up, because solo survival is the most impractical survival of all.

    We all work within our limitations, be it time, money, distance, employment, or whatever, but we should all try to do all that we can within (and to overcome) those limitations.
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  11. chelloveck

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  12. 3M-TA3

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    Praying for this to be short and for all of them to survive. I hope people learn from this, not only about their own self reliance, but to depend less on govt for their well being. Most knowledge comes through pain, and it's only our pain threshold that keeps us from learning. This experience should be pretty painful.
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    It's only snow. In several days just think about all the produce, half loaves of multigrain bread, and stale chips and rice cakes that are going to be thrown out.

    Along with the leaking batteries, inoperable portable lights, that they found from the last time they prepared for a noreaster.
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  14. BlueDuck

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    I doubt it. This is a way of life for a lot of big city people. More likely to stage a protest, because there wasn't more food on the shelves.
  15. oldawg

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    And then burn down the stores and delivery trucks. :(
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  16. 3M-TA3

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    Dorito Lives Matter...
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  17. BTPost

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    Couldn't happen to a Nicer bunch of folks...... The .GOV is shut down.... Hurrrrah..... If they are SHUT DOWN, then they are NOT messing with the Citizens Rights....
  18. ghrit

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    But they still are spending our money. Turds.
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  19. Tully Mars

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    Don't be hating on the Slim Jims;)
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  20. VHestin

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    Only people in our area I might mention our preps to are those who are doing the same thing, because if they have their own supplies, they won't be bothering us.
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