Flu No H5N1 bird flu found in south-eastern Finland

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    No H5N1 bird flu found in south-eastern Finland
    KOTKA, Feb.28 (YLE):The deadly strain of H5N1 bird flu was not present in more than 20 dead ducks found in south-eastern Finland. The National Veterenary and Food Research Institute said on Tuesday that the presence of other diseases, such as salmonella, is now under investigation. The ducks and one crow were found dead in a park in downtown Kotka. Experts say a variety of illnesses could have caused the deaths. They say the ducks had wintered in Kotka, which makes it even less likely that the birds had come into contact with the virus. The Institutue has investigated a dozen bird deaths this year, none of which were caused by avian flu. Bird flu has not yet been detected in Finland, but some fear the virus could reach Finland via migratory birds. Read this article in full at YLE News
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