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    [SIZE=+1]Gohmert Proposes Skipping Federal Income Tax[/SIZE]
    <small> Tyler Morning Telegraph ^ | 11/30/2008 | Adam Russell </small>
    <small>Posted on Sunday, November 30, 2008 4:16:43 PM by crusty old prospector</small>
    Gohmert Proposes Skipping Fed Income Tax
    By ADAM RUSSELL Staff Writer
    U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, proposed that the U.S. government stimulate the country's economy by collecting no federal income tax this year.
    Aside from the hundreds of billions of dollars in bailout money appropriated by Congress and the Senate recently, Gohmert said, total economic obligation has topped $7.7 trillion so far.
    Gohmert said, as the current administration continues obligating trillions of taxpayer dollars to bail out failing businesses, a better, cheaper solution to revive the economy would be to suspend collection of the estimated $1.2 trillion the U.S. Treasury will receive in 2008.
    "Secretary (of Treasury Henry) Paulson continues his unfettered spending spree and is driving our country further from the core capitalist principles on which it was founded," Gohmert said in a statement. "His and the Fed's bailouts in the past few months have set a dangerous and unmistakable precedent to nationalize or socialize our banking, insurance and investment firms; and now car companies and other industries, states and cities are also lined up with hands out.
    "I am proposing that we end the giveaway power of Secretary Paulson and the Fed immediately and declare that taxpayers will pay no 2008 income taxes," he said.
    Gohmert said the influx of money back into taxpayer's hands will create a surge in the economy. He said cars will be bought, houses will be built, mortgages paid, credit cards paid off and Christmas presents bought.
    The stimulating effects of no federal tax would also provide a tax boon to states and cities that desperately need money to repair and build infrastructure, he said.
    Gohmert said he was upset to hear disconcerting reports that some of the banks receiving bailout money will not use it to make more loans or shore up 'troubled assets' but will instead use the money to buy up smaller competitors, basically using tax dollars to monopolize banking.
    He said these problems within the bailout signal why direct government intervention cannot and will not work. Gohmert proposes letting people that earn the money, the taxpayers, decide who gets bailed out by buying products and utilizing the companies that are best meeting their needs.
    "My idea may sound unconventional, but it is trillions of dollars cheaper than our current course," he said. "My proposal actually relies on our nation's founding democratic principles that made us the greatest nation in the world before anyone ever heard of Mr. Henry Paulson."
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    Louie is my local rep. I remember seeing him standing on at the corner of 323 and Broadway the first time he was running for office. There may not be many good people in congress, but I am convinced that Louie is one of them. Some of Louie's positions: pro-life, anti-homosexual marriage, pro-2nd Amendment, voted against the bailouts, voted against the amnesty bill McCain and Co. tried to push down our throats last year (Louie actually believes that if you are not here legally you should be deported....odd), and he is against the AWB.
  3. Byte

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    Well since that entire amount goes toward just the interest on the national debt, I'm fairly certain the bankers won't let our gvmt even consider it.

  4. ghrit

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    Never happen. But if it should, for some incredible stroke of luck, this is the year for it. I'll be able to support at least one arms manufacturer.
  5. Mountainman

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    Great idea, but fat chance of it ever happening. Better idea for a start would be for most of congress, that are already rich, to serve without pay. It is suppose to be an honor to serve, so if they don't need the money, do the honorable thing and serve for nothing. I know, were talking about a hole politicians, so good luck. The only thing that will save us from the politicians is term limits.
  6. weapons_762

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    would be better to do that in 09 , how much have we paid in taxes already this year?
  7. Seawolf1090

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    Nice idea - but coming from a Republican, it'll never fly. That Shezombie Pelosi will see to that.
  8. enough

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    Love the idea. It'll never fly, but perhaps the math will make some people think.

    Consider the amount we are currently spending to stem the problem(I say $10 trillion before its over), with the likelihood of success (about 35%). Now, consider the numbers above (1.7 trillion?) with the perceived likelihood of success (about 60%). These are just my numbers, I'm sure they are different from others'. Also, you'll have to come up with your own definition of "success".

    If those were the only options, it would be a no-brainer to me.
  9. enough

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    I'd also propose that they move back into a graduated reinstatement of lower income tax after the first year.

    20% of previous rate for top 25% of earners, in the first year. 20% of previous rate for the top 26-50%, and 40% of previous rate for the top 25%, in the second year ....

    Work it up to 50% of previous rates within 4-5 years for everyone. Sure, the thought of 50% of previous rates is inconceivable to many people, but that is exactly what needs to happen. Michigan is a "wonderful" example of how tax increases reduce revenue. Tax decrease increase revenue.
  10. enough

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    I just sent an email to my congressman, Mike Rogers. Mike is a Republican, here in MI 8th district. I asked him about his thoughts on the proposal, and offered some of my own insights.

    I have been a BIG fan of Mike, since the initial voting of the bailout, where he voted twice against. Perhaps Mr. Gohmert will become my second favorite representative.
  11. Jonas Parker

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    Louie's our representative too. A really good man!
  12. Seacowboys

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    Everybody keeps saying it would be nice but ain't gonna happen...enough people say it will happen and it will happen; Republics and Democracies work that way. The 1.3 trillion that Uncle will extort this year isn't a drop in the bucket compared to the deficit spending they are handing out to the ones that screwed the system in the first place. Remember one little essential; It is our damned money!
  13. Mountainman

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    <style></style>Time for a "Million Monkey March" on DC!!!
  14. Seacowboys

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    Here is the qualifier: The american people have bought into the adage "Death and Taxes" being the only sure things. This is a slogan, for heaven's sake! Slogans sound right but are just syllogistic reasoning and have no basis in fact.
  15. ghrit

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    Well, death is a certainty. Taxes are inevitable, and we the people have authorized them as a necessary evil. Without looking, I think it's the 16th Amendment does it for Federal income tax. Not to say that couldn't be changed if enough folks would rally. The problem is with the sheep that have become accustomed to dot gov largess and would resist shifting the burden back where it belongs, on the community.

    For example, I can see the need for the Interstate highway system as part of a scheme for moving cargo for defense and commerce. I can't see any benefit for us country bumpkins to allow federal funding for Washington DC (or NY, or Boston, or Hartford, or San Fran) commuters, especially in this day and age of computer communications. It is high time to decentralize things like Wall Street, the insurance industry and other massive operations that consume acres of parking lots, road surfaces and floor space in the name of keeping their employees under one roof. Asinine waste of time and resources.
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