Second Amendment No "incrementalism" or "death by 1000 paper cuts" for 2nd Amendment's SHALL NOT be infringed

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    The basic problem with these incremental-ism or death by a 1000 paper cuts "good first step" gun-grabber proposals is that even if you eliminate the legal means of acquiring firearms, people up to no good have shown that they can acquire guns illegally very, very easily. Buying or borrowing from friends behind closed doors. Purchasing from an illegal street dealer. Stealing from unoccupied homes during working hours. The list goes on and on. Time and time again, what we've seen that no matter how many "reasonable regulations" are added, violent people who want to commit mayhem with guns aren't really impeded from doing so.


    I mean, all drugs are 100% illegal in this country yet access is near universal. Ask any middle school student how hard it would be to get drugs. If we can't prevent teenagers from buying a product that's banned in all 50 states, what in the world could make anyone think that we could prevent those who have already broken the law from acquiring a product that's legal everywhere and outnumbers the population in quantity?


    Well, we cannot.

    But the hoplophobes (those with an unreasonable, pathological fear of guns) understand that as well as we do. The difference is that they do not care. The "Crime Control" argument is a smokescreen. What they really seek is "cultural modification".

    In order to establish a socialist, state centric American society the liberal Democrat hoplophobes must first jettison the notion of the Individual Man of Liberty.


    An armed and educated man represents an unspeakable danger to that kind of society. In order to deprive the Individual Man of Liberty of his property, money, and status, the government must first deprive him of his weapons.


    Of course public support for such a law won't get far - "We seek to disarm you because we fear you" is a poor campaign slogan -- so crime control is substituted as a justification. Once gun-related activities are heavily regulated or banned, most people will grow up without interacting with a firearm. At which point, the citizenry will not know what they've lost -- and then the despot has us by the throat.




    A liberal lawyer (future politician) from the Peoples Republic of Kaliforniastan suggests yet another new gun law restriction as a good "first step" at "common sense" gun bans for those with multiple misdemeanors and then asks forum members:

    I say:
    Death by a thousand paper cuts as Tom Gresham of guntalk radio likes to put it. NO need for more guns laws and new restrictions (paper cuts).
    I would guess that you are liberal CA lawyer, no? View attachment 257247

    I totally agree with this below: View attachment 257248

    View attachment 257249

    SHALL NOT be infringed!

    EXACTLY! Well spoken. Criminals don't follow laws.

    I am a Constitutionalist Conservative Libertarian:

    Thank you Kalimus, well spoken indeed.
    Again what CaLawyer here is proposing is more "death by a thousand paper cuts" or what some call incrementalism, which is the liberal democrat (European-style socialist) strategy. These liberal lawyers (even if they claim to be "gun owners"), most California politicians being liberal lawyers, want more "reasonable" restrictions as "a good first step". We already have thousands of poorly enforced gun laws in the US. Criminals don't follow laws. Enough is enough.


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    Preaching to the Choir.... but a nice read anyway....
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