No job, we don't want to hire you!

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    ( My God I type like a half wit some times!)
    Here's a catch22 companies are reluctant to hire laid off workers.[loco][peep]

    Job Seekers Screwed As Businesses Refuse To Hire The Unemployed

    Joe Weisenthal|Jun. 30, 2009, 7:17 AM|[​IMG]11
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    [​IMG]As if finding a job weren't difficult enough in this environment, the WSJ report on the trend of businesses who will only hire people currently employed, in part on the belief that anyone while still has a job must be "first string"
    The bias extends from front-line workers to senior managers. Charlie Wilgus, managing partner of executive search for Lucas Group, based in Atlanta, says a manufacturing client looking for a division president recently refused to consider a former divisional president at Newell Rubbermaid Inc. whose department had been eliminated. The client doesn’t want candidates who have been laid off, Mr. Wilgus says.
    Employers’ preference for the employed adds another hurdle for those who have been laid off. Job seekers frequently are competing with dozens of other applicants for the few available positions.
    Bobby Fitzgerald, a partner in five restaurants in three states, says these days he gets two dozen or more unsolicited résumés each day at one of his Phoenix restaurants, the White Chocolate Grill. But Mr. Fitzgerald says his top candidates, for jobs from servers to management, usually are people who are employed elsewhere. He currently has 50 openings across his five restaurants and has told recruiters to bring in only people who are working.
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    Re: No job, we don'tywantto hire yoyu!

    Nice.:rolleyes: That's all job seekers need; one more kick in the shin.
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    Re: No job, we don'tywantto hire yoyu!

    :D:D:D Hey Tango3, I am beginning to think your alter ego if you have one.... might be Galactus [dunno][dunno][dunno] what kind of half-fast 2 legged horse is that anyway? I had to do a double take to ensure in wasn't Charles of England.[beer]
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    bipedal+ equine= "bipe-quine"??? I just thought it was freaky looking.his(?) name is "Gif..." He better run faster his ass is catching up with him.(?)
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    Re: No job, we don'tywantto hire yoyu!

    It's a Quarter Horse, silly survivalist! :D
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    [fnny] Quarter Horse!!!!!!!!!! [lolol]
    Glad I wasn't drinking something when I read that!!!
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    Re: No job, we don'tywantto hire yoyu!

    "Quarter horse":lol::lol::lol:[clp][applaud][applaud][applaud][LMAO][bestpost][bestpost]
    Spew!!!!!!(oops "Sangria keyboard")...[rofllmao][rofllmao][rofllmao][rofllmao][rofllmao]wow perfect!!!!
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    running around half-assed?


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