No Knock Raids

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CaboWabo5150, Jan 26, 2012.

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    A few years ago I ask one of our citys drug task force officers what they hoped to gain with no knock raids. his words were "simple", to keep them from destroying evidence". My reply was "Why are you endangering the public with such tactics when your main goal is to get the drugs off the street. Why not let the perps do it for you. How so? Just surround the house and light it up and use a bullhorn and tell everyone inside that this is a drug raid, like they will not know this already, and let them dispose of the drugs for you because they know you are going to search anyhow, bring in the dogs and confirm that no felony amounts remain then let them go. The dealers are still on the hook for the value of the product and the upper "management" will not view kindly to the "lost revenue",Plus we have the added bonus if you surround the wrong address it is real easy to apoligize and the raid does not end up with someones 90 year old grandmother shot.... He did not like this idea one bit.
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    That approach would put the dealer's life in danger, even tho' it already is from the no knock. Not too sure I care about that, but LEOs ain't supposed to put lives out there knowing the inevitable. I think, anyway.
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    My thought about it is once we collect it lace it with poisons place it out on the street in high drug areas. Then bring dozers in push the zombies into a pit and burn it. But the Sheriff tells me I dont show enough compassion and we cant do it. I am showing compassion to the working man who has to pay for rehab, jail stays, food and clothes.
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    I've said this for years, A-Dog... users would begin flopping all over the streets, pushers would be attacked by their customers, and users would switch to Bud Light for their highs.

    As for no-knock... it's a home invasion, pure and simple.

    Gutshoot the bastards, and check out the clothing/badges later, after I know my wife is safe. I know to shoot for the groin, thighs or face, in case they are wearing armor. LEOs or badasses.
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    Letting the druggies take care of themselves has one big problem......

    The SWAT teams wouldn't get to use their fancy new tax-fnded toys and look bitchin' on COPS.........
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    Yea, dont have to take more than 3 steps to reach a gun in the house so no knock here and you will get shot. Body armor that what AP is for. Now if you have a warrent and knock I will comply with the law and let you in. Invade my castle and I will get medevil.
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    We live in a rural setting with 100 yd drives. No knocks would be hard to do here. If they were well marked cars/officers there would be no trouble. If not you guys might be reading about a confrontation. Like another said--invade my castle and you get a firestorm of AP or worse. Am a law abiding LEO appreciative person and expect to be treated as such.
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    Dynamic entry service has but one real purpose and that is to condition us to accepting militarization of Police and violations of what used to be Constitutional rights. It worked and we no longer have constitutional rights to be violated. We let them get away with it, even supported them by purchasing products advertised on "Cops" while they made the trampling of our Constitution into entertainment. Even gave it a fricking cutesy little theme song "Bad Boys, bad boys...." Now we let them give us the 'Patriot Act" and the NDAA...Fema camps, ..I didn't have sex with that woman,....Waterboarding ain't torture...Kill over there instead of having to fight them here...the American people have learned to subside on ********.
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    I live/lived in the country and just to be courteous, when I moved in I informed the local Sheriffs Dept. that if they got reports of loud explosions in my area it was just me practicing with my Barrett .50 cal. rifle.

    Over the years I lived there they had a few occasions to send out a deputy (not for me, just random mundane reasons) and each and every time they were courteous enough to call in advance and ask if it was alright to come out and again to let me know they were coming up the drive.

    We had a very courteous and mutually respectful relationship.
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    You left out the Ruby Ridge,and Waco debacle's.
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    Ruby Ridge and Waco were just two minor results of this trend, not the cause.
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    Turn the page
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    "Dynamic Entry Service"

    How incredibly PC is this???? foosed

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    Always thought "fecal matter" was a flowery euphemism for turd too, but what do I know.
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    It is sad what our country is coming to no scratch that has come to.
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    We call fecal matter..en'kraut...down here..
    It all smell's the same...ccc

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