No Man is an Island

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    I found this article and it is really well written. The lone-wolf survival scenario is really something from the movies but in the end, we all need each other.I truly believe that unless we learn to work with those around us, I think your rate of survival will go down.

    All Alone for the End of the World
    written by Bob Rodgers

    He makes some really good suggestions; one of them is yard sales. It is a really great way to get to know your neighbors. Not sure how many attend yard sales in their neighborhood but it is a very social event. It is a good way to start networking with your neighbors.I do think this is a good article to start thinking and looking at those around you.

    Please follow link for the rest of the article:

    One of the comments on the article is very correct: One of the things that is often overlooked in the SHTF situation is the fact that there will be many many intelligent and clever people who will not be prepared but will instantly understand what they must do to survive. Those are the people that I would want on my team. People, who know what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and can do rather than be taught, will be essential in situations.
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    I try to attend various "Social events" in my rather small AO. I also go to town meetings, dances, and church functions when ever I can. The idea is as much about fun as it is about getting to know the people around me, and can be used to gauge who is and who is not prepared. We are primarily a ranching community with some commuters in the mix, but we also have a lot of transient folks that move through the area with the work and the casino, so one has to watch closely. I spend a lot of time with the County in various offices and the Sheriff is one of my neighbors and good friend, so I have that going for me as well. The State works with my fire company quite a bit, and so I have plenty of contact with in most of the emergency agencies. My experience is that most folks in my AO are pretty sharp and are prepped some what, just a part of life up here in my AO, and We have found those who are not prepped, or not really ready for something to happen.

    Great posting Motomom34, some really good thoughts in there! We are going to revisit this in the coming few weeks and re evaluate some things. Always good to be thinking, and some times we need to take off the blinders and have a more broad look see at things we didn't think of or discounted/dismissed.
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    Keep in mind that many of the same people who can and do get things done are in many ways antisocial. To them rules and laws are a minor inconvenience. The world is not black and white with regard to what is right and wrong. Truly evil does exist and while the new Testament of the Bible teaches to turn the other cheek and to forgive and love, some of us are not ready and willing to wait for God's judgment to settle the scores for the misdeeds to one's fellow man here on earth. Sometimes the rules and laws are put on hold for a little redemption of an immediate nature right here right now. We are all flawed, or so the good book says. I will take my chances that in the right setting at the wrong time, with or without witnesses I will do what is necessary to triumph over evil, and even while doing so possibly in violation of mans laws and rules, if I ask for forgiveness of my savior, I will receive forgiveness for he alone will control my fate. ....... Y'all might have a different view. That wouldn't surprise me at all, because I understand that we are all flawed. How does the saying go ..... Walk a mile in my shoes ....
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    Perhaps one aspect of the evil that truly exists is the notion of divine redemption...which enables evil to become manifest, simply because a flawed person believes that their heinous acts against humanity will be forgiven...eventually.

    Mississippi Man Who Allegedly Shot and Killed 8 People Says God Will Forgive Him

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    Tac makes an excellent point, When do we suspend the laws of man in order to survive? How far are we willing to go, and more importantly, How much of mans laws are we allowing our selves to be held to? I have a simmiler view to Tac's, I am a Man and I have GOD given rights that reach above the laws and rules of man! I have the right to feed my self, I have the right to make warmth, I have the right to water for any and all of my needs, I have the right to use a piece of land to live on, to build shelter on, to raise crops and livestock on, to provide warmth and security for my self and my loved ones. I have the right to any natural elements I can gather and use for my living! Mans laws restrict or prevent me from this, or require permissions and have set limits. I choose what laws of men to follow, and I choose which to ignore, and I choose the when and the where of that! MY RIGHT TO LIVE isn't a subject to any man's interpretation or laws, and NO MAN has any rights over me!
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    @tacmotusn and @Ura-Ki this is what I call the fishing debate: Why are we required to get a license to fish, allowed to only catch X per day during a certain time of the year using required bait etc......
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    TPTB must have their tribute. Render unto Caesar ...... yadda yadda yadda. and if you break the rules we have more ways of making you pay.
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    Fishing and hunting "rules" are to supposedly prevent over harvesting, but are in fact the State and Gov. digging out yet more of a TAX for the Kings Privilege as it were. What happens in the Mountains, Stays in the mountains, I wanna make MoonShine, it's my right not subject to some rule or law preventing me from doing something naturally, you wanna make it illegal for me to use barbless fish hooks, better be ready to stand in Gods judgment cause Christ used barbed hooks, and you cant force me to comply!
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  9. M118LR

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    Perhaps in the theoretical or regulated it is easier to believe in the innate kindness of one to thier fellow man. The History of Warfare has proved entirely different.
    Perhaps cinema can help? Anyone remember "HOMBRE" ?

    Jessie: “Mr. Russell, we’re getting more and more worried about you. If you can tell them to shoot Mrs. Favor without flickin’ an eyelash, we’re beginning to wonder how you feel about the rest of us.”

    John Russell: “You’re in a lot of trouble.”

    Jessie: “Then will you tell me why we keep trotting after you?”

    John Russell: “Because I can cut it, Lady.”
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    Very odd replies to this article. I saw it as a nudge to continue to network, look at those around me and my family. Those in my world not prepping, I should continue to suggest lightly to prep. It told me that do not discount someone on appearances/the way they live.
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  11. M118LR

    M118LR Caution: Does not play well with others.

    Motomom34, if I could pass along a bit of politically incorrect nostalgia (from my Mother, Jeff Davis direct descendant) "Blood is thicker than water".
    Translation: Networking is critical to commerce, you and yours is the secret to longevity. Forgive the Southern Colloquialisms.
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  12. arleigh

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    Paul was not a serial killer, his orders (Papers) came from the Jews ," if you bother to read scriptures."

    People abuse the scriptures to their own satisfaction, hence the problem .
    Even Satan attempted to distract Jesus with abusing scriptures , didn't work. Matthew 4;

    Jesus provided the Holy Spirit for His born again believers , so that they could walk in the guidance of His Father via the holy Spirit Just as Jesus obeyed His Father.
    Born of the Spirit believers are not dependent on man's approval or their interpretation of scriptures.
    Just as Jesus dealt with people on an individual level, so His people ,via the Holy Spirit can know how to deal with each situation on an individual level. This is the demonstration of Jesus Lordship in a person's life.
    Out side His specific instruction, Jesus Lordship is nonexistent. Matthew 7; 21,22, 23, if you call Him Lord, and do not obey Him, your a liar deceiving one's self, not God .
    Thought, does not equal believing in God .
    Satan has no trouble recognizing God ,
    Satan is a liar, and resistant to God ,hence his judgment.

    To the OP ,
    As a Spirit filled believer ,I trust that God ,will as He has in the past, give me guidance, intervention, and provide my needs , or inspire me how or what I should prepare .
    I don't seek revenge, though there have been many events worthy of revenge , I have left them all to the Lord,, and in his time, things work out, one way or another .

    They whom have no reciprocal relationship with God, need all the wisdom and fortification, and friends they can get .
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  13. DKR

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    In a dire situation, travel solo is akin to suicide. You have to sleep sometime. Best to have someone else - someone proven to be worth your trust, to travel with. Blood may be thicker than water, but a relative may just screw you faster than a "friend"....
  14. M118LR

    M118LR Caution: Does not play well with others.

    Perhaps my concept of the Israelite Torah and Paul's orders from the Jews, do not mesh with the goals of those on the Counsel of Nicea?
    Believe less than half of what you read, and less of what you hear. JMHO.
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  15. AxesAreBetter

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    Hombre has a lot of good lessons on perceptions, " I think I wants" and the truth of the situation...should be required watching precollege for a paper, you ask me. Bit harsh for a lot of people, but a lot of truth in it.

    As for something closer to the article...lone wolves live and breed and survive at the edge of the pack...sometimes they are the only thing that survives something going wrong...but mostly, they seem to die alone.
    It is good to be part of the community, but the community has to want you to join in.
  16. M118LR

    M118LR Caution: Does not play well with others.

    Only the Alpha Wolves breed to continue the pack, in the easy months the pack unravels to allow the lower breeding age pairs an opportunity. During the hard scramble winter months, only the Alpha pair survives. Wonder why?
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    I agree with the opening premise of the Op. The referenced link makes some sound points worth consideration and planning around. The solo survivor will need to be extraordinarily good at camouflage, concealment, deception, evasion and escaping.

    Even if utterly undetectable, solo survival entails many risks that survival as part of a group / community mitigates. What happens with the solo survivor who becomes ill or injured...who is there to save him/her?...Who is to nurse her/him back to health?

    Even a mom and pop (and some kids) on their own, are arguably, almost as vulnerable as the solo survivor for much the same reasons explained in the OP's referenced link. With a large extended family living in close proximity, we are starting to see the odds improving for each member of the group. Enlarge the MAG with neighbouring families, and we are now seeing a self defence capability that would be capable of seeing off random individuals and small gangs of miscreants...if the MAG forms a self defence militia with a proper organisation/structure/training/logistical basis, then the community stands a good chance of survival against larger gangs and criminal threats.

    Regulation of hunting, fishing and trapping discourages over fishing / hunting etc, to the detriment of the species' sustainability....think Bison, where short term monetary profit for the hunters almost saw the extinction of the species, and the utter impoverishment of the plains first nations tribes.

    Where conservation rules enforcement requires government expenditure, then a user pays revenue system is one way of placing an economic value on the hunting, fishing, trapping and collecting / harvesting of resources belonging to all.

    I agree....I apologise for the slight theological deviation....but I don't think that a god's rules and laws (and forgiveness) trumps man's rules and laws argument holds much water as a moral and ethical basis for justifying anti social conduct or behaviour.

    So an apparently "drunken" Lot found with his daughters; and Cain and Abel exemplify.....but seriously, I agree with much of what you say.....proven trust is essential. Everyone must make their own investigation and due diligence in making that judgement. The difficulty is the certainty of making a justified judgement should that trust be sorely tested. What would it take for one to abandon an ally at a critical time. What circumstance would cause one to throw someone else under the bus for the sake of one's own personal survival. I would be prepared to risk my life for my children and grand life risk taking for others may be tempered by my assessment of their willingness to risk theirs for me and mine.
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  18. VisuTrac

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    I'm going to have to disagree. My buddy swimming outside of Daytona beach looked like an island. The pelicans were looking like they were going to use him as a layover spot.
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  19. M118LR

    M118LR Caution: Does not play well with others.

    Long winded and off point.
    Never depend on others to due what you won't or can't.
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  20. Pax Mentis

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    Somehow, I keep feeling like I read a different article than everyone else.

    Responding to the article I read, I agree to the point that I believe that a community will be needed for long term survival in the case of a "TEOCAWKI" type collapse. I do not agree that we need to try and turn our communities into a network of cooperating preppers in preparation. I have always been a part of community events. I am known to and know a wide variety of our local population, but only a very few long term and trusted friends know I am a prepper...they just know that I am concerned about my community. I am not a member of a food coop, but I do make it a point to shop the local farmers market and get to know the people who sell their produce and handcrafted items there. I am not a politician, but I spent a number of years as a precinct representative on the county Republican Committee until I got fed up with the national party and left it. I still maintain the contacts I made in those years. Spent a few years on the local Sheriffs Civilian Review Board and developed relations with the local deputies, officers and hierarchy. I have volunteered over the years with a number of community organizations and met a wide variety of people.

    None of these people recognize me as a prepper and I would never consider trying to convert them into preppers. It is enough to have some credibility with those who survive whatever the initial shock might be and know who might best organize what segments of the populace if/when the time comes. I will be able to assist in organizing those who have the ambition and intelligence to survive.

    There is a group of family and friends (almost all of the latter I have known since I first started prepping and most were instrumental in my discovery that I was one) for whom my house is the bugout destination (actually it is technically my son's place now, but I am still pater familia). Those are the people I will initially protect and be protected by in the event of a catastrophe. Everyone else comes after the smoke clears and they are still standing.

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