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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by VisuTrac, Feb 11, 2012.

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  2. VisuTrac

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  3. chelloveck

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    Vis had me worried....

    I was thinking that you had gone danged plumb loco!!
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    You know he might not be what I would consider to be a smart prepper by going on national tv and tell all. Still I feel he has been screwed and it just shows what things are coming to. If gun owners don't stand up for them selves to protect and stop these acts it wont be long until they start using different excuses to find people not fit to own a firearm. They are already trying to limit the amount of supplies,ammo and type of firearms a person can have. Before long they will start saying that people who belong to survival forums are a risk and not mentally fit to own a firearms. I feel sorry for him
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    This is a prime example of why I've railed against ALL gun control. When we say it's okay for the gov't to prohibit even felons from having weapons we open the door for all of us to lose the right to bear arms. The 2nd amendment lists not a single if, and, or but yet we have opened a door that we can never close.
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    What is to keep any anti-gun doctor you happen to go to from declaring you mentally defective and in need of commitment. That is a scary thing. What is to stop some washington bottom feeder from labeling all of us war vets ptsd and saying we should not be allowed to have guns?
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  7. chelloveck

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    I feel quite sorry for the poor bugger

    Unhealthy as Sh*t, yes.....

    Of average intellect and education....probably

    Depressive?.....possibly....depends how he presents, and it is not so easy to self diagnose, but prima facie, seemingly unlikely.

    mentally incompetent?...unlikely...he has a reasonable grip on reality, has a sense of time, place and his relationship with people and events, and has a nice sense of humour that is generally appropriate to his circumstances in different contexts.

    suicidal? evidence as far as I can see on either video of suicidal inclinations. Plenty of Christians suicide, so claiming to be a christian with the life affirming values that go with Christianity is no guarantee of suicide being an impossibility, though in his case, I'm doubting that he would top himself. I think that his disdain for the organs of government (mainly its administrative and law enforcement sphincters) are so ingrained in him, that he'll keep going to his dying breath (of natural causes) just to annoy the living sh*t out of them. (which is probably the actual reason why he is in this strife in the first place). I guess those folk have determined that he won't die of natural causes in the near future, so for their peace of mind, a situation has been exploited where they can be reasonably confident that there will be no guns on his premises next time they have to go to his place for a call out. My guess is that they really don't care about the guns that have "disappeared...or even if he really would attempt to suicide, by using them...they just don't want the guns on his premises. They might be somewhat concerned (from an ar$e covering point of view about the chances of murder suicide....but frankly, I don't think the animal welfare people are anywhere near being the object of such anger and rage as to even suggest that that might even be a glimmer of a problem.

    Gun ownership prognosis:....probably unlikely that he will be allowed to legally own and possess firearms again, short of an expensive court battle which it is uncertain that he would win, even in the unlikely event that he is able to fund it in the first instance.

    Likely outcome: He'll keep doing his youtube channel thing, in his inimitable way, until he does a Momma Cass and chokes himself to death on a twinky....suicide by gun...NO! Suicide by obesity...Damned Right!....though the county hasn't decided to confiscate his PAW hoard of twinkies....odd that!

    Chances of suicide...probably very slim...his youtube channel seems to provide him with a more than adequate purpose in life and reason to live...he seems a reasonably well centred guy if a bit of a blubber of a bubba.

    What lessons can we learn from this?

    Well...when being evaluated for mental / psychiatric the game. Answer the questions straight...don't get sassy, and don't be sarcastic and don't, even jokingly say anything that may confirm their worst paranoid fears. Don't answer leading questions that go in ways that they want you to go. Don't lose your cool or get agitated or show anger, or any signs of anxiety. Be cordial, polite, but not overly deferential. and...for goodness sake...don't ask for advice from your imaginary friend...not unless he just also happens to be an excellent lawyer.

    Edit: Although I am satisfied that dsarti is reasonably mentally competent (an opinion that the judge seemed to have had no difficulty also coming to)....I'm very doubtful of the doctor's professional competence....given dsarti's general obese physique, given the girth of his neck, and given the fact that in the space of about 35 minutes of Youtube presentation he had several apparent episodes of momentary airway obstruction while in an upright seated position....I am of the opinion that he is likely to die of an airway obstruction related to sleep apnea well before he is ever likely to get depressed enough to top himself...diagnosis of queried suicidal tendancies??? The examining doctor, not dsarti is the blithering idiot!!!!
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    increased cost and VA benefits... of course that hasn't stopped them from spending $$ in the past...
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  10. Alpha Dog

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    You know I hate to say it being an L.E.O. for the biggest part of my life and still working on patrol every day. I remeber when this law first passed and I was still young and blind to the world I though ok this is going to give us something to save lives with and it has. But as you look back after the law was put in it has been abused from almost day one. The law was designed for violent felons well now that has changed. In WV we have a law prohibiting felons from possessing a firearm but it is violent felons rape, murder and so on the way the law was intended. then you have the feds who will charge the ones we dont because their law is any felon no matter the crime. You are right the door was open by allowing them to restrict anyone. Because now they are using it on every one, and still hasn't prevented violent felons from having firearms just made them more willing to use them to keep from getting caught with them. My suggestion to solve this problem is don't prohibit them from pocessing them just make the penalty worse if you use them in a crime and if a violent crime had out instant televised death penalties like candy on halloween.
  11. It's now been about 2 years since dsarti got screwed out of his gun rights, and to my understanding, still no justice for him.

    Never confide in any medical professional about anything mental health related (even if one says something in jest), even if the circumstances are dire. If it costs you your life, then so be it. Better than living the rest of your life a slave or second class citizen which might as well be no life at all.
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    Screwed? No. He lost them. It was his OWN stupidity that caused it.
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    Mandatory sentences have a way of being forgotten. In NC there is/was a 20 yr mandatory prison for robbing a bank--if it has slowed robberies I cannot tell it. Friend who works at the Ansonville branch has been robbed six times. She says it is "old hat" to her--said she just lays down automatically--lol.
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