No one is safe from, not even the children...

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    BOWLING GREEN — U.S. Rep. Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green, has sent a letter to Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis about a proposed Department of Labor rule aimed to threaten family farms and youth programs like 4-H and Future Farmers of America.

    The rule would restrict children younger than 16 from working on family farms unless the farms are solely owned by their parents. It would also prohibit children from handling animals and almost all powered farm equipment.

    “This proposal will have negative effects on young people who want to gain practical experience on farms and in agribusiness,” Latta said.

    Latta fighting for youth farmers, farms, latta, youth - Local News -

    Articles: The Department of Labor vs. America's Farm Kids

    Please drop Sec. of Labor Solis and email expressing your displeasure with this
  2. larryinalabama

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    Get a divorce, they wont let kids see their father.
  3. Seawolf1090

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    Remember, these laws are written by Big City Libtards who still think their food is 'made' by the grocery stores. They have utterly NO concept of country life, and will regulate it out of existence, simply because they don't undestand it.

  4. larryinalabama

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    I can picture it now a 13 year old driving the johndeere over the gooverment police car.
    Wonder if that would make the evining news
  5. BTPost

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    No, but if you made a Youtube Video, of it happening, it would go viral in an hour......
  6. Alpha Dog

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    Where was this law whem I was growing up? Which I can see my Dad me telling him I couuldn't feed the hogs it was illegal. First would come the crooked smile thinking I had lost my mind. Then he would advise me of how the law didn't bring me into the world and how mom would be pulling his foot from my a$$ if I didn't feed the hogs
  7. ditch witch

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    I was looking up Youtube videos on aquaponics a while back, and came across a slideshow vid featuring an amazing setup in the Philippines. They were raising fresh water prawns in the water and using the deep water culture rafts for the plants. The thing was beautiful and HUGE. It was so big that the owner's two small children were in the water floating about on some of the plant rafts in one photo. Some of the photos showed the little kids putting plants into new rafts and getting them set up in the water. Big grins and giggles all around.

    Three different idiots posted comments complaining about the evils of forced child labor and how awful it was these "innocent children" were being forced to stand in water all day planting crops.


    Some folks won't be happy until kids are kept in bubble wrapped rooms until they're 30. Wearing safety helmets most likely.
  8. dragonfly

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    Generation "Y"....
    Why do I have to:
    (__________________) fill in blank with anything that resembles thought or work! Sad, truly sad.
  9. Pax Mentis

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    My dad had service stations and I managed one by the time I was a HS freshman...

    They would go absolutely nuts today.
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    Shameful. Illegal to teach your kid responsibility these days. Well unless we define responsibility as tree hugging bleeding heart.
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  11. ozarkgoatman

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    Yep just dumb everyone so they dependent on .gov. Because we all know that .gov is sooooooo good at making things work right.[loco]

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    Full text: Growing up on the farm, but not too close, farm, work, farms - Local News -
  13. Seawolf1090

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    Ah heck, Amerika don't need the Small Farms. Conagra and Monsanto will keep the grocery stores stocked! Better food through chemistry! [booze]

    Put those out-of-work small farmers on the Goobermint Teet, and turn them into good little Democrat voters.
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    The liberals are trying to destroy the American family farm and send the "work" off shore same as they have sent manufacturing overseas..

    What the farmers need is to get on the dole same as those oters whose jobs are gone.
  15. VisuTrac

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    I only have to say:
    Agenda 21 and
    Codex Alimentarius

    It's part of a long term plan to control the production of food, the land, and the people.

    Do you own due dilligence and you will see that for the last 50 years we have been slowly guided to the gulags.

    Food = [freedom]
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    I think EAT works nicely.
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    An you know our legal system stretches anything that fits. Cuz yall did notice the part about can't use Mower before age 16 too!!

    So, yer already not allowed to discipline yer child, then ya won't be able to make them even do chores!! An thats Not even on a Farm!!!

    Guess they'd really have a fit since I was helping in garden at age 5!!!
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  18. Sapper John

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    Sad state of affairs this is. As children,we always worked on the farm and did many chores,least of which was cropping tobacco,that was how we earned money to buy our school clothes each year as well as having a little pocket money for walking around.Only our government could destroy generations of traditions without a single moments hesitation...
  19. Alpha Dog

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    They prevent parents from teaching the children the rewards of hard work and how to stand on their own two feet. The idea of if you want something you work for it and take care of it . By doing away with this they can attempt to force us to raise a generation dependant on the goverment. With that the fight for a mans freedom and rights won't be there because they were prepped from childhood. Teaching that things will be handed to them and Big Brother will make sure they get.
  20. ghrit

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    I wonder if they will try to enforce that on the Amish --
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