No salt food?

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by BAT1, Nov 28, 2007.

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    The doc said no salt! Our cupboard is filled with canned food, with 10-60% Salt! I have to start canning food or get dried food from like e-foods direct. Any suggestions out there? I can use it for trade maybe. :shock:
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    no salt? period? thats a lil rough it seems , i can see reduced salt , then again i dont use much to begin with
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    You should probably have the doctor clarify. As has been discussed in other threads, salt is required for life. I would pressure the doctor to give me a range that is acceptable.
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    We're in agreement there FM, it is obviously your life BAT1 but my trust in conventional medicine continues to erode the more we use alternative medicine.

    Would need more information as to why your doctor said no salt but in the little bit of studying I've done on the diets of old people (which seems to be getting closer to my age all the time) shows they have crappy diets by today's measurement based standards yet have long lives. One things I'd encourage you to do is switch to sea salt. IMO it tasks much better and is better for you.

    Here are a few articles on Mercola, he's a little too marketing oriented for me but has some decent information:
    Higher Salt Intake Tied to Longevity
    Take the Latest Low Sodium Advice With a Grain of Salt
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    NO SALT = Heart Problem ???
    I would be most curious as to what canned food has 60% salt. Some personal observations that may be helpful. Sea salt (UN BLEACHED) is most desirable. CHEMICAL SODIUM in canned foods is not really salt, it's a chemical & not good for us, especially in large amounts. Commercially processed foods that I can no longer eat due to sodium or other colorings - chemicals. This is from paying attention to my body, NOT Dr. dictated. Most recently have had a vision problem, due to food chemicals.

    Hot dogs (gave them up over 10 years ago)
    Hillshire Kielbasa sausage (nitrates & nitrites ? ) 510mg sodium per 2 oz serving (2 oz is tiny)
    Colby, cheddar, long horn cheese
    Prepackaged Pasta & sauce.... 710mg sodium per serving. At one time if I ate 2 servings it was the equivalent of a sleeping pill, that required a 2 hour nap to recover.
    MSG, (usually in restaurant food) makes me thirsty & can't drink enough water to make it go away. Usually 2 hours to start feeling decent again.

    What I can eat & enjoy: wash brocolli (or cauliflower), cut florets into pan with 1/2 cup of water & 1 teaspoon of sugar & a pinch of salt. Boil for about 15-20 minutes. With a touch of butter & or toast it's great & good for ya.

    Craving pasta & beef: Boil 1/2 - 1 cup macaroni 8 minutes prox. Brown - cook ground beef in skillet (stirring as for chilli). Take whatever veggies that you like and are on hand & cut into bite size pieces. 1/2 zuchinni, 1/2 yellow squash, 1/2 onion & optional few cloves of garlic. Add veggies to skillet with meat & simmer about 15 minutes or till veggies are cooked to your liking. Drain water off the macaroni & add the meat veggie combo to the macaroni. Add one can of any kind of tomatoes you like, and let the pot come back to a boil for maybe 5 minutes to blend flavors.

    When you're ready, learn about sprouting ! They say that it's so good for us & economical. It's also said that canning food is only a means to keep us from starving vs being really good for us. BTW read labels. DRINK WATER annie
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    Congestive heart failure. Sodium chloride speeds up the brain which raises blood pressure. Been doing some research on it, and Celtic sea salt is the best form of sodium [not sodium chloride]. You have to balance the salt with potassium. I'm going to make a mixture of those two along with colloidal minerals. Sympoms to excessive salt are: excessive thirst, edema, kidney/ heart damage, ridgid legs, and fear and insecurity. Alcohol dependency. Excess salt tightens the the stomach and heart meridians [accupunture] affecting the root chakra. The body wants it more because we don't get enough minerals through soil depletion. Good foods for pure sodium are almonds, walnuts, [morning] spinach, parsley, green leafy vegatables, kale and watercress, and meats [midday] and eggs, seafood, beets, turnips, honey, potatoes. [nightime] Mustard and green tea are good duretics. Apple cider vinegar helps edema, mucus, and fungus. We have to get away from processed foods. Canned olives had 55% salt. A fat cell can expand up to a thousand times its size when filled with carbonization. Cokes , beer. [Bloating]. Nature is always better than technology.
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    Bat, What a pleasant surprise ! Based on your knowledge & continuing research you are well on your way to improved health & feeling better, that is assuming you can get the fresh veggies. My biggest prob is applying the info. annie
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    Pressure canning relies on high pressure temperatures to kill the nasty bugs, not salt. So if you can your own food you can omit the salt.

    Another thing to ask your doc is whether (s)he means salt or sodium. Most Americans eat mostly fast food/ canned food/ preprepared food, which is usually too high in sodium. Assuming you have reasonable kidney function, potassium might be ok, in which case there are several potassium based "salt substitutes" that might be ok, like mrs dash (not trying to advocate that particular product, just can't think of alternatives right now)alternatives right now)
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