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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Feb 12, 2008.

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    More and more of this keeps happening across the country and I don't know how to stop it.
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    we are all citizens under the law (constitution)I don't know where these types gets the idea they are better or above jsp.Maybe someday like the end of the movie"V"; they go too far and the people rise up to protect ourselves from scoundrels of all flavors...they can'kill everybody, who'd be left to tax? and buy cheap chinese crap at walmart. Guess thats what the camps are for...

    Its very wrong b.s.
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    toquote Ms Swan: "Sure I tell you everyting":he look...he looook... he look like a man!"
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    Before cops lie through their teeth and sheeple decide to believe cops. Now cops still lie but a tad hard to lie on video. Lol, the great equalizer video.

    Just for the record I'm not too fond of skateboarders and their culture of ignorant attitude. But if you treated a dog like that kid was treated you would be charged with animal abuse.
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    I wonder if the officer was suspended for roid-raging on the kid or for getting caught roid-raging on the kid.
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    Back home, on the island...My son has a friend, Jonathan, and his skate board is how he gets everywhere...To work, the store, etc....

    He got pulled on the sidewalk for using it there....and cited. Even though there were people on bicycles, women with jogging strollers, etc....

    So he rode it in the parking lane , and got citied.

    So he tried a longer route and used the bicycle path....and got cited.

    It is his transportation. Johnny Jack tried to tell the officer that, and the last time, he was hit by an officer....

    I am soooooooo not one of those all LEO's are bad...My best friend back home is a detective...Rhonda....

    But it was like they were on a witch hunt for Johnny Jack...and I don't understand the difference between kids on bikes, or anything else with wheels and the skateboard....

    I could see it if he was showing off and riding all around people...He's good, and can do all that trick stuff...

    But he was just going to work.

    He now rides a bicycle.
  9. Tango3

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    Don't be po' in amerika...
    I can imagine cops get alot of attitude from punks but assault is assault. the badge just makes it ilegal to fight back...Rivieris atitude
    is all in his head
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    Skaters have a nasty reputation. They do tons of property damage they cause liability insurance increases because they hurt themselves on a constant basis. They increase insurance (both medical and liability) for the rest of us because skaters are so ignorant they are proud to break bones, loose teeth etc.

    I'm not for mistreating anybody like that roid-rage cop did. But personaly I think we should refuse (skateing related) medical care for skaters. Unless they buy extra skater insurance like we are forced to buy car insurance. Treat them like having no car insurance if they don't have skater insurance with a ticket.
  12. Tango3

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    Motorcyclists sustain worse injuries than s.u.v. drivers, I choose to ride; picking and choosing whos' risks are reasonable is just more nanny state,
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    Not picking and choosing for them. I just don't want to pay higher premiums because someone else wants to lead a risky life. If someone wants to think breaking bones is by crashing hard on a skateboard great. I sure hope they can set their bones properly by themselves. If not then go get insurance.

    I'm not making a non-driver pay higher insurance because I want to take higher risks by driving a vehicle. Why the hell should I pay for the broken bones of some sk8tr that thinks it's cool to break bones ?
  14. Blackjack

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    I'm for a National Healthcare System that cuts out the insurance companies. That would solve your higher premium issue, and the skaters liberty issue.
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    Turns out that cop video is 1 1/2 years old but I guess was just made public and the cop has now been suspended. With pay, of course. Wow what a punishment!
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    That's par for the course.
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    :mad:Kinda' like the seatbelt law. I have to wear one in my car, but there's busloads of kids without them.

    ... and the helmet law. Kids are supposed to wear them while on their wheels (bikes, board, whatever), but those laws are not enforced (by authorities), so they don't.

    Why do I get pulled over for not restraining myself in my personal property (vehicle), but they let a 9-year-old scream by on a motorized scooter, sans protective gear?

    Nanny, indeed.

    Whew! I feel better. :D
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    They don't here in cali. Unless you are on private property. On the streets and sidewalks you rarely see kids on motorized scooters the cops will ticket/confiscate them. If it's motorized unless it has pedals you can't really use it on public areas (sidewalks, street). Motorized things that go under 15mph are basicly banned all together. Those that go faster than 15mph you better have a motorcycle license AND insurance.

    Some cities are also cracking down on even skateboarders without required helmets.
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