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    You think it sucks to live where you are - check out Cordova Alaska.

    CORDOVA -- Residents of this Southcentral Alaska community, with help from the Alaska National Guard, have one day to dig themselves out of snowfall that’s buried the Prince William Sound town before more snow and rain piles up on strained roofs and avalanche-prone roads.
    On Friday, an overnight snowstorm brought the northeastern Prince William Sound region to a standstill, dumping almost 20 inches of snow in Valdez and bringing the total snow level on the ground at the Cordova airport to 59 inches. The heavy dump of snow in what’s already been an unusually snowy Alaska winter caused avalanches that closed major highways into both Cordova and Valdez, and caused the roofs of two commercial buildings in Cordova to collapse.

    Photos here
    No weather respite for Cordova, Alaska and Prince William Sound | Alaska Dispatch

    In Valdez, home port for the TransAlaska pipeline

    As of 2 p.m. Friday, the National Weather Service office reported a season total of 272.1 inches of snow. An accumulation of 19.2 inches was recorded for Thursday.

    The record snowfall for Valdez, 560.7 inches, was recorded in the winter of 1989-1990. The current snowfall is on track to eclipse that.
    In Valdez, school opened on time and students were ready to go, residents say.

    Read more here: Snow buries Cordova, Valdez ; Nome is cold | Anchorage Daily News - The News Tribune

    Anchorage has gotten off cheap - only 19 inches so far this month.
    but with more snow due tomorrow, we might get 'lucky'.

    Just to let you know, it may not be all that bad where you live...
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    Houses in Valdez have doors on the Second Floor, and are routinely used to exit those domiciles. They have snow that makes these type of things, REQUIRED, during many of their winters. It is just the nature of the Wx in that area.... Here where I live we have had a warmer than normal winter so far. That can change at any time. November was a Big Snow month, this year. then December it rained and ALL the snow melted away. Now we have 2.5" on the ground and it is going to go below freezing for the next week, but little precipitation is expected. Just all part of living in the Frozen North...
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