No "thermal expansion" in the far east

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    A giant skyscraper in beijing is completely consumed by fire (not just 8 or10 floors) and remains standing:

    The new physics phenomenom of "Thermal expansion" described by the Nist report on the wtc obviously doesnt apply in the far east..I'v also recently read a report
    where high levels of tritium were found at "ground zero" weeks after 911 along with extrordinary cancer rates among responders and search animals.Perhaps the evidence for the use of a new clean micro nuclear demolition device in the the wtc collapse is mounting?The intense but short radiation burst even explains the powdering of concrete as the water inside flashes to steam literally exploding it into dust.

    questions,question on the minds of young America.
    Ohyeah; that's right we are all nuts[loco]. believewhatevermakesyoufeel comfortable.Why it makes perfect sense. [rofllmao][rofllmao]
    And now we learn flt93 wreckage is stored in a heavily guarded underground vault containing classified[peep]
    Something stinks and its not HankPaulsons bass weejuns
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    Dear Citizen Tango3 :

    Your recent posting on Survival Monkey Forum indicates that your RFID HappyMind(tm) control chip has malfunctioned. Please report to your nearest FEMA camp for reprogramming.

    Remember, Big Brother Obama loves you.


    Your Friendly All-Seeing Thought Police
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    I loveBB
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    NOW CUT THAT OUT.....!
    Y'all are a scarin' me somethin frightful!
    Shades of green creeters and durned flying thingy's, are starting to sound good to me!
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    Dear big Obama("BO the annoited" ):

    Respectfully BO;Please realize a time comes in any nuturing relationship where one party may need to step away to re-establish personal boundaries.While I know you may be offended by the selfish shunning of your continental sized love ; You can take heart in knowing " it not you; its me, and I just need to be alone for a while."Thankyou for your thoughtful offer of awarm dry cell,food, and structured playtime in dark goggles( sun protection) ear muffs(loud noise protection),and keeping me safely away from those other dirty inmates.Your unselfish love knows no bounds.(but Please ask those big marines to shower before coming to "work" M'kay...)

    You can keep my my things ( please feed "Fat Louie" my cat!)...I'll call when I'm emotionally available again.Oh and I'm sending back the "non-lethal" oo buckshot pellet that was gently lodged in my butt cheek during the peaceful "clean water"demonstration of '13. It was a most generous gift of correction. Thank you sir,may I have another..
    p.s. happy valentines day, I'll always love YOU BO
    (to be continued after I get out of hiding in the culvert)
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    The "Terrorists" were only locked on to Silverstein buildings because he lost at a poker game with Osama's twin gay brother.[haay] Haaaay!

    Wuh? You lookin' at me? This pooper is [lock]

    So they just got even. [dunno]
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    What worries me is that Brokor may be right.:rolleyes:
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    Well, it is interesting to read, slowly......
    Lot's of "IF's", and "could's" in their reports...
    Like this:
    ("IF" it rains long enough, it "could" cause a flood to take place....
    Or,...... maybe not!)
    "How heavy is the rain, is/was the wind blowing?", too many unanswered questions and variables for me personally.
    Now, IT may all be coincidental, BUT, long ago I learned not to bet on coincidences....
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