No tv cable box or computer in the house

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hank2222, Feb 27, 2012.

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    As the title says i have no computer or cable tv box in the place and this morning during breakfast with friend's they said it was stange not to have those things in the house as i told i do not sit for hours in front of the tv and spend my time when i'm off reading a book or watching a couple movies before i the tv off after watching the movies or tv shows i do follow here and there

    As i pointed out to them i do have a ipad in which to go online to veiw the forums i'm on along with having a tv and dvd player to watch movies i rent redbox or buy from local wally world .I get my internet though my saight talk andriod smart phone with a andriod wifi program to allow me use the phone as a hotspot to get my internet and not get charged for it
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    Have you run a speed test with the iPad tethered to the phone? Curious what kind of numbers it's getting. My Boost 3g is acceptable (barely) for mobile versions of websites but I'd go nuts if I tethered and attempted using full featured web.
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    You don't really need a cable provider:

    You can get hi-def rabbit ears for network channels

    If you have wi-fi (or high speed connection), you can watch:

    Amazon Prime free streaming
    Netflix/Hulu+/Crackle/Amazon/etc. through a Roku device
    Netflix/etc. through some Blu-ray players

    Many alternatives. Tell the person that TV is for suckers...pacifies the golden horde/dim-witted sheeple.
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    For any college students lurking, Amazon offers you a Prime account for a year for free. You get free 2-day shipping and free streaming of video content.

    Amazon Student
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    I use it only for basic websites like this one and youtube videos and it can be hit or miss with youtube videos because of not having flash embeded into the unit

    But the little ipad does do all my personal computeing needs in the end .It has loaded onto it my games and music like along with a great little program i use for prepping and i can update it without alot of problems by using the itunes account bult into the unit
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