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    Following below the link I posted some historical facts debunking nobammy’s claims about his muzzie claims to fame. I despise to hear a supposedly honest person out right lie just to make something look good in the eyes of America. Watch the video and then the stats I found. WC

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    1<SUP>st</SUP>.. he claims the muzzies started the renascence but it actually got kicked off in Italy/Greece through Aristotle’s teachings and Thomas Aquinas along the 12<SUP>th</SUP> century.

    2ond..the compass was used in China as early as the 4<SUP>th</SUP> century BC and later by English sailors.

    3<SUP>rd</SUP>…Romans introduced the arch about 2ond century…again BC.

    4<SUP>th</SUP>…Algebra—the Greek mathematician Diophantus is called the “father of algebra”.

    5<SUP>th</SUP>…Printing was common in China by 3500—BC.

    6<SUP>th</SUP>…The understanding of diseases was largely of western origins.

    7<SUP>th</SUP>…Spires were developed and mastered by the English.

    8<SUP>th</SUP>…Nobel prizes---this is amazing—only about a dozen muzzies have ever won a Nobel to the hundreds from other countries/faiths. Jews by far have won the most.

    9<SUP>th</SUP>… The muzzie population was largely non existant until the late 1800s. It remained a very small minority until the last 20 or so years.

    10<SUP>th</SUP>…muhammed died in 632 AD and only expounded on the koran the last 22 years of his life.

    Well, just wanted to voice some historical facts to counter nobammies lies to the country and his addresses to other countries. Not only is he a blatant liar but anyone with any knowledge of history knows it when he voices these lies.
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