Non-Dairy Creamer Desiccant packets

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    They say you learn something new everyday, today I learned:
    DIY Desiccants and Alternatives - Survival Sullivan

    This is great. Do it yourself desiccant packets. I like that it will harden when moisture is absorbed. I have some of silica gel packets that I paid a lot of money for and I am not sure if they are still good. I may have to recharge them but the creamer idea is great. I know that rice can be used to absorb moisture because my Grandma used to put a few grains in our salt shaker.

    Non-dairy creamer did great in a test of absorbing moisture, it was not the best but it did score higher then silica-
    silica or calcium chloride to keep food dry? - Dallas Raw Food

    How to make a non-dairy creamer desiccant packet-
    Some say sew a little fabric pouch but I also read you can used a basic coffee filter to hold your creamer. Whatever you place the non-dairy creamer in to absorb moisture, it must be breathable.

    I have never read of anyone using non-dairy creamer for moisture removal and would like feed back of someone who has. I am thinking it would be a good cost effective method for short term storage, 1-3 years.
  2. DKR

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    Don't know about using it as a dryer, but coffee creamer burns most excellently.....

    BTW - just saw the other day that Brits call this junk "Whitener" and as such, recognize that cream has nothing to do with the product but that chemistry does.....
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  3. svjoe

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    Found that out the hard way as a kid burning trash!!!
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    Looks a lot like a Flour Explosion....
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  5. DKR

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    flour explodes quite nicely and burns like ...the dickens. (Explosion at a Bartlett Grain Co. Flour Mill)
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    If'n ya was to have a bit of sugar, flower, salt and creamer combined in the correct ratio, makes a nice bang, and burns for quite a bit! Not that I have any experience with said mixture! I saw a sugar explosion and fire back when I was a kid, boy did that sucker go up good! If I remember right, that one was 120 ton's worth!!!
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    That is really bizarre to me. creamer is flammable? And you can burn flour? What make all this stuff burn so hot like and explosion?

    I feel like it is April Fool's Day. (n)
  8. ghrit

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    It isn't the creamer per se, but the fact that it's dust. Any dust, even without otherwise flammable content can be burned if stirred thoroughly with air and supplied with a spark, even talcum powder. There is so much surface area with dust that fire is nearly explosive when unrestrained or contained. In the open just burns. Rapidly. If the creamer was a brick, it would be more difficult to light, but still could be burned.
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    Flour.... Natures Fuel/Air Explosive.... before modern Safety Requirements, more Grain Elevators were blown up than stood for over a decade...
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  10. Witch Doctor 01

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    Dust boosted explosives... we had a major manufacturing plant in the area that manufactures medical components... blew up and killed a number due to a dust explosion...
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